1. Best boost gauge (budget)?

    Hi all, What boost gauges are people running? I had a look on forums/fb groups but couldn't find much on which ones are the best/most recommended. Are the ones for like £20-40 quid on ebay any good? I looked at ones like Turbosmart, VDO, Racetech and Stack too. Is it worth spending the extra...
  2. hoggy90

    Boost gauge

    anyone bought this before or bought anything from this seller? think it looks half decent!:D
  3. CupraR_Lad

    Auto Meter Gauge Bulbs

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the original bulbs and red covers arent that bright in the dials! I ordered these the other day which came today! Testing the car in the dark they turn out to be...
  4. Single Din Gauge Holder

    I have just bought a Seat Ibiza Fr (pick her up next week, so excited) and was looking at fitting a single din gauge holder. I have seen a lot of jap cars with these fitted, holds three gauges. Has anybody else fitted one of these? If so, you got any pictures? At the moment it has a pillar...
  5. Ibiza Cupra R Oil Temp Gauge Sensor

    Hi, Ive done a search but cant find specifically what Im after. Ive got an ICR which has the factory fitted oil and volt gauges. Ive replaced the Voltmeter with an Autogauge boost gauge as I think its far more useful and have bought an Autogauge oil temp gauge to match it. With my boost...
  6. schnipps

    Fuel Gauge Stuck on Full

    Done over 100 spirited miles on a full tank in my fr and the dial hasnt budged, anyone experience the dial sticking on full before? The dial drops down when ignition off so it must be some sort of fuel reading issue?
  7. jason-jm

    removing ashtray to wire gauge??

    how do I remove the ashtry as I want to wire my gauge into it, makes more sense than trailing wires to the ignition etc
  8. HELP!!! water temp gauge going from normal temp to not registering. thermostat, head

    hi guys i need some help. my 1.8T leon's water temp gauge all of a sudden doesnt read anything then occassionally it'll read normal operating temperature (mid range on gauge) then if i take a corner it drops back down to not reading anything. i thought it could just be the thermostat to start...
  9. SalSheikh

    Home Made Centre Vent Gauge Trim

    guys, started a new thread as i moved some pics in my photobucket account and lost the links :blink: started with this: then removed the rollers after some advice today a bit more work done... i removed my centre vents and firstly found this: so i cut it out with my...
  10. Mk.2 Cupra - Boost Gauge Question/Advice?

    Hi Guys, Does the Mk.2 Cupra have any type of boost reading on its dash computer? If is there anyone that does pillar pod units for the Mk.2? Debating weather to leave my boost and oil temp gauges in my Mk.1 LCR when I put it up for sale? Cheers all Lee
  11. pillar mount gauge pod

    Hi guys, just bought a boost gauge and wondered were the best place to find a pillar gauge holder.......thanks in advance
  12. D_O_U_G_I_E

    Oil Pressure Gauge - ls it worth it or not...?

    l'm putting a Nomad pillar in my LCR at the weekend with a boost gauge but l'm wondering whether its actually worth while putting an oil pressure gauge in too :confused: Any views......???
  13. karlw

    what Electronic boost Gauge

    What boost gauges are people using and where is the best place to get them from? My LCR currently has an AutoGauge and its the most inaccurate gauge ive ever seen. (does look cool though LOL)
  14. vaccum on boost gauge

    hi any one know what vaccum leon cupra r should run on tickover.mines at -8 does that sound right
  15. Si_TDi_FR

    Gauge Pod

    I've searched but no avail to anything useful really. Basically im after a single pod for a 52mm auto gauge boost gauge. Im after one in the oem pillar colour in the FR. Anyone got any links i can look on? Thanks
  16. Si_TDi_FR

    Fitting Boost Gauge

    Is there any other ways of fitting a boost gauge without having to drill and tap a fitting into the intercooler piping?
  17. Boost Gauge

    for all you people who have Leon Cupra/r mk1's, where is the best place to stick a boost gauge, i dont want it on the pillar, or sticking on top of the dash or that, i want it somewere sutble so it can blend in. Anyone have any pictures of theirs, any help woud be appreciated :)
  18. evo2345

    Boost gauge on TDI

    Looking to fit a Boost gauge to my TDI but need to know where to plumb it into? anyone with a TDI fitted one that can help?? Also need to know the best place to run the boost pipe into the cabin
  19. Dougy

    Where to "T" in for boost gauge

    After countless searches just wondering whats the best place to T in for a boost guage Whats the pros and cons? Keep hearing a lot about a green nipple :blink: is this the one down the left side of engine? Thanks
  20. RabReith89

    Oil temp gauge

    Wheres the best place to fit the temp sensor other then needing to drill and weld a nut to the sump. Thanks Rab
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