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vaccum on boost gauge


hi any one know what vaccum leon cupra r should run on tickover.mines at -8 does that sound right


Wanna go fasterrrR
Oct 9, 2008
Exeter, Devon
I'm sure there was a thread on this not long ago. The conclusion IIRC was that a vacuum lower than approximately 20inhg (i.e between 0 and 20inhg) then you have a leak somewhere. Apparently the air con might make a difference to the reading if it's switched on. Around 20inhg or higher is normal.


Apr 28, 2004
Tipperary, Ireland
Interesting, i will trible check my hoses.But if there is a leak its minor, i have logged boost at least 10 times over the past few week and everything looks normal.

Maybe if we could get more peeps posting what vacuum they are running at normal idel(not choke or with aircon on) for the LC and LCR we could get a better picture of what peoples reading are.

get posting peeps.
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