1. Door card removal guide

    Yo chaps. I did a search and came across links to door card removal guides. But the links are long since dead. Does anyone have an interior trim (specifically to get at the speakers and to wire to boot) that are current and working. MUCH appreciated!
  2. andyb

    BTCC Spotters Guide - AVAILABLE NOW!!!

    STOP PRESS!!! I didn't think I'd be able to complete this in time, but I've just managed to finish off all the BTCC cars from the Entry List, published on the media day, so a temporary Spotters Guide for this weekend. This is work-in-progress and based on the liveries at the media day or...
  3. GUIDE NEEDED: Front & Rear Bumpers

    Hi guys, As above i need a guide to show me how to remove the front and rear bumpers, i have a 2002 Leon Cupra and i have Cupra R bumpers to fit but need to know where all the bolts etc are to remove the Cupra ones before i get stuck lol Is there anything online as i cna't find anything on...
  4. pleasee digital version of Leon fr user guide ?

    hello guys does anyone has the digital version of the user manual ? i bought an used 2006 Leon FR (1.8T) and it came with the Leon 2 user guide :( thanks. :funk:
  5. Dummys guide to reseting ecu

    I want to reset my ecu. Is it just a case of removing the negative wire? Thanks
  6. joonspoon

    Missing "how to" guide.

    Hi all. Just wondering why the "how to" thing I posted about fitting a CD changer in a Mk4 Ibiza glove box has gone from the FAQ/Guides forum. Thanks, Guy.
  7. Forbez

    1.8T Common Troubleshooting Guide

    Things have been slow at work, so I have had some free time on my hands. I decided to make this guide, and I hope it is helpful. (LOL Truthfully I stole it from another site, but its all the same info) 1.8T Troubleshooting Guide. We have all seen the common problems that these cars...
  8. leon buyers guide

    Hi all what are the common things to look out for when looking at a mk1 leon tdi? Cheers
  9. Anyone done a guide to replace a front wing?

    Mine has rusted through!!!! So I need to fit a new one, sourced a red one off here (via ebay) and want to fit it myself - are they just bolted on or are they spot welded/tacked on? If nobody has done one I might try doing one and post it up! Cheers James
  10. Feel

    Guide to LCR 210/225 differences

    210/225 Differences Exterior/Interior/Visual Differences: Most Customer Cupra R's were a '52 plate althought the odd ex-press car / demo maybe an '02 plate. All these cars had square mirrors (off a MkIV Golf) the later 210’s (from early May ’03 on) had teardrop mirrors. All 210's had...
  11. MichalR

    Changing rear brake pads guide

    Here is a quick guide about changing rear brake pads on my 1.4 Ibiza Sport. The process should be similar for most Ibizas with disc brakes. 1. Undo the wheel nuts 2. Jack the car up making sure it is stable, place axle stands underneath the rear axel. 3. Take the wheel off 4. Undo...
  12. Cone induction fitting guide

    Just wondered if any body has the above as want to have a quick look at whats involved before i fit it and to make sure i have everything. Cheers steve
  13. Help? EIP Short Shifter Calibration Guide

    Westec used to have a guide for aligning the gear shift for the 6-speed box after fitting the EIP short shifter. Anyone got a link or copy of the article? Westec site doesn't exist anymore and the posts on here about it also contain dead links. Google didn't throw much up either. Oh...
  14. CupraTgirl

    Spark Plug & Coilpack Fitting Guide?

    I am looking to find some sort of picture guide on how to fit new spark plugs and change over a couple of coilpacks I don't know if this has been asked before, if it has then i can't find anything on it before i get asked to do a search! I also am aware it's pretty easy to fit them but it's...
  15. smoothuk

    Picture's of mods guide

    Ok before i do this, ,my idea is to do a mods guide for the leon all in one place, showing the basic mods a lot of people have on there cars, with pictures, part numbers, cost, etc etc, that can be used to show/direct new members too when they ask what mods they can do. I dont mind putting this...
  16. Does any one have a fitting guide for LCR front bumper

    can any one help me!! i recently had a prang while i was having fun in the snow:happy: , this has cost me the front bumper:censored: :wtf: :cry: so i ordered a cupra r fornt bumper as i already have a MY03 rear (which i have a fitting guide for) and i was wondering if any one knows how...
  17. Craig!

    Guide:- Removing Secondary Air Injection

    This guide show’s you in brief how to remove the secondary air injection pump, valve, pipe work plus brackets. All that is required is removing six bolts, three nuts and a bit of time (and patience). First things first, once everything has been removed you should be left with all the...
  18. sssstew

    refurbing alloys? guide?

    Hi All Ive got some 2nd hand alloys for our old Golf but they looks like they could do with a refurb as theres some bad corrosion on a couple of them. So does anyone know the steps to refurb them? Is it just a case of rubbing them back and repainting? Any guides? Cheers
  19. hu in centerconsol guide

    im sure i read a guide on here on how to fit a single din headunit into the center consol and now cant find it :confused: can anyone give me the link to it please, cheers
  20. Rear Window Washer - Fix it Guide

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but it seems comprehensive. I'm going to try it this weekend, probably end up at the stealers buying new clips!
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