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  1. Ibiza 130 tdi

    312mm disc fitting guide?

    Hey guys! Long time no thread! ;) I have searched as I know Gazjones had done a 312mm fitting guide, how easy is it to change the discs? Is it just a case of normal discs or is it like some of the newer cars where it's all part of the bearings? Hopefully it's just like the old school...
  2. Ethan040

    My guide on fitting a cd player under your steering wheel.

    Hey, i had a good search of the site and found no threads on installing a cd player under the steering wheel so i thought id have a go without one and make a guide myself :). Heres a pic of it installed... Things you need.. Wire strippers or a stanley knife. some wire the same thickness as...
  3. 1.8t Induction Fitting Guide

    hi guys i have just purchased an raid hp induction kit. my question is this, there is a breather pipe running from the engine to the airbox, once i have fittet the cone filter what should i do with this pipe, could it just go to atmosfear. thanks David
  4. oil pressure gauge fitting guide

    looking to fit a oil pressure gauge, was wondering if anyone had a guide on this. 2002 lc
  5. Buying guide

    hi there im new and going to look at a mk3 ibiza cupra today is there anything specific to the model i should look out for ?? i quite clued up on cars but not ibiza cupras cheers
  6. Rear Bumper Removal Guide

    As a few members have asked about this here is how to remove the rear bumper. You will need a torx set for the screws and a small screw driver to flick the number plate light plugs off. 1. Start by opening the boot and pulling up the aperture seal on the boot 2. Remove both rear...
  7. JB!

    MK3 Ibiza Cupra Buyers Guide

    ok... i searched an found a few threads, read the FAQ's common problems, but cant see why if its such a common request there isnt a pinned buyers guide? so mk3 cupra owners, things to check when looking at a cupra for sale... i'll start: Fusebox Rust on rear tailgate External temp...
  8. Fl@pper

    Ibiza/Cordoba Delocking handles Guide - with pics

    First off you need 2 rear Ibiza door handles to be fitted to a remote locking car only , approximately 3 mins of your life per side, be able to read and own a 5mm allen key bit of some sort (any in fact) and a small screwdriver. Sitting comfy ? let's have a go then (put ya keys in your pocket...
  9. GlanzaV

    Rear Bumper - Removal Guide(?)

    Hi, I've looked through the FAQ's and have done a quick search but it seems there's no specific bumper removal guide for the rear? I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea where all the screws are and if I'll need to remove the tail lights? I couldn't see many holes on the...
  10. drue1

    lowering guide please

    my 40mm lowering will be with me next week and im thinking about doing it myself.is there a guide on fitting kits for the mk1 leon as ive had a search about but nothing. do it myself and get AMD to align all the wheels or get AMD to do the lot any help please cheers all;);)
  11. any one got a guide for oil pick up pump

    hi guys im haveing problems with my car any one got a guide to take the oil pick up pump off thanks scott
  12. venner

    Removing Rear Wiper Guide

    Right just bought my Cupra and this was the 1st mod ive done so took some pics and thought i would do this quick guide to help anyone that was thinking of doing it. :) Tools needed: Screw Driver Spanners / Ratchet 25mm bung from halfrauds £1.59 RainX Here is a pic Before: 1. open boot 2...
  13. EGR pipe + fitting guide

    Hi, Done a search but can't find a guide on how to fit this, anyone got any pics of one fitted? Is it easy to do? Cheers Neil
  14. Cruise control guide and pm'ing

    haven't posted here much but now got a mk4 130 pd ibiza and trying find cruise control fitting guide - also tried to pm members from related posts but can't work out how to pm? am i doing something wrong - is my account set up properly?
  15. adam cupra 20vt

    Alloy wheel refurb guide

    Alloy wheel repair/refurb guide Firstly I will start off with the materials you need. 1 can aerosol etch primer. This is IMPORTANT do not use any old normal primer it needs to be etch primer 2 cans 500ml grey primer [get white primer if your planning on painting wheels white] 3 cans...
  16. guide for doing pd 150 timing belt??

    Hi guys, for a few months now my temperature needle has had a mind of its own doing what it wants whenever it wanted, got myself to the dealers for a new temperature sensor and went ahead and changed it. Unfortunatley i lost quite a lot of coolant trying to remove the old "O" ring so had to...
  17. R 20vt J

    k03s fitting guide

    Every time i click on the fitting guide link it doesn't work! Does anyone know where the fitting guide is? Cheers, Ross.
  18. Is there a buyer's guide anywhere for the LCR?

    Or anything to look out for in particular?
  19. cus

    Guide to Removing Dash

    Please note that i'm not responsible for anything that might break whilst doing this. This is a rough guide to the steps that I took... if there is anything missing please add it to the bottom! thankyou. disconnect battery first!!!! tools used... 7mm socket 8mm socket 10mm socket 24mm...
  20. external temp sensor replacement (A guide)

    ..... In progress. I've noticed that the question has been asked alot, but the answer is usually the same.... "This has been talked about alot just use the search". The problem I've found is that when discussed in the past people say to just unscrew the bolt on the bottom of the mirror, take...
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