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  1. lynchy

    full exhaust system guide? any interest people???

    basically ive got a full exhaust system to fit to my car with decat, downpipe the lot. just wondering if anyone would be iterested in a guide to fitting this or has it been done etc? i know its not a hard job but thought it may help a few people? just before i get my camera out and spend...
  2. Cupra TDI 150

    Moving Rear Washer Fix - How to Guide

    As I promised I am finally getting round to doing a " How to guide " to fix the rear washer problem, this should sort the following problems: Moving washer jet when wiper is on Short length of jet Leaking screen wash from behind boot trim (could be hose popped off though) Please bare...
  3. Phillc

    Guide to catch tank fittings.

    Hopefully this will clear up all the confusion as to where to plumb in the catch tank hose. This is my old and original catch tank but it is easier to see whats happening. All car fittings ar 19mm but most catch tanks are not, i think a lot are 14mm but with the one pictured i put the supplied...
  4. keirravn

    a guide to tinting lights with tint spray

    thought other people may find this useful, it's the process i used to tint the rear/front light and side repeaters LEGAL this is not an official guide and you should check out the legalitys of this for yourself, what i am aware of is that you should have a non tinted reflector (so mask them...
  5. nc30rider

    Guide: How to fix the common leaking rear washer pipe in the Boot/Passenger footwell

    I had to fix it myself so I decided to write a small guide on how to fix the common washer jet leak in the boot/passenger rear footwell. Appologies for the quality of the pictures, I used my phone to take them. 1. Remove the rear Parcel shelf 2. Undo the 2 screws shown in the picture and...
  6. chrisbond69

    engine removal guide?

    Has anyone done a guide or can give me tips on where to disconnect and remove to remove the engine, can it be removed from the top or bottom, how do you disconnect that electrical cylinder thing under the inlet mani etc etc, any guides or tips / with or without pictures would be appreciated, thanks
  7. Guide - how to upgrade leon mk2 speakers

    I've had my tdi Leon fr since October last year, and the sound was ok but I was used to a better stereo in my old motor (after I'd got to work on it!). I've just ordered myself a 'complete upgrade kit' - some new speakers, speaker adaptors and a trim removal tool - for getting to the speaker...
  8. Leon tdi fr 150. Rear wheel bearing diy guide

    Hello all. Firstly sorry if It has already been posted on here but does anyone have a DIY guide for replacing a rear wheel bearing on my Mk1 leon tdi 05 plate. I am told the part is a full unit ie: not just the bearing that are changed but the part bolts onto the hub! I think! thanks. ;)
  9. Alarm / Central Locking / Dead Locking guide

    First off, forgive me if this has already been posted, but from the searches I've done it just seems to be people asking questions about the interior sensor button and various scattered info about the alarm system etc... thought it would be better to have it all in one place! Well, I've just...
  10. stebbi

    Ultimate Clutch Guide

    Right Types of Clutch Plates ; Paddle/Puck or Button These clutches are sometimes quite unusually shaped and have relatively small areas of friction lining on each paddle. This serves to reducing the overall contact area acting upon the flywheel when compared to a full-face clutch. With no...
  11. Wolvotim

    Lumpy rough from cold? 01039 - Coolant Temperature Sensor Idiots guide

    I know this subject has been covered before in parts but I have decided to put together a small guide to culminate all the info I have read up on this fault Recently I’ve been getting rough tick over and hesitation when pulling away from cold so I decided to investigate with the help of vag...
  12. looking for LCR Front Spoiler fitting guide?

    Hi folks Tried the search system but failed dozens of times to find anything Is there any fitting guides etc etc for fitting the LCR lower front bumper spoiler to a normal Cupra/Fr bumper ??? Ive only had a quick look under my bumper to find that there is no holes/securings for the...
  13. Freetrack buyers guide

    Hi All I'm lookign for one a freetrack diesel, the prices seem to be dropping at the mo' so even more interested! Is there anything I should look out for? I've heard about issues with the Haldex system, but what else could be worth looking out for? Cheers Will
  14. luke c

    boost gauge idiots guide

    Got my boost gauge and pillar delivered and tried to fit it today, i have managed to get the pipe from the engine bay into my glovebox but have no idea how the hell im supposed to get it to the other side of the car :confused: . I have searched all over is there a simple idiots guide to fitting...
  15. installation guide for Turbosmart 25mm DV

    guys i know what your thinking, why dont you search for a thread, but trust me ive spent nearly an hour looking and cant find what im after. i've got a turbosmart dual port 25mm DV, i want to install it myself as the garage cant book me in for another 2 weeks. the last time i installed...
  16. AndrewJB

    Mirror Cover Removal Guide

    Hi All Anybody got a removal and fitting guide for MK2 Leon Mirror covers? Ive used search and carnt find Basically picked up me car yesterday ive had the front bumper sprayed like a cupra , got black wheels and Silver mirrors , So wanna fit me Black mirrors today
  17. SeatDanny

    Guide: Armrest Installation

    [/IMG] Tools: - 1 Drill - One pencil - 5 screws (provided with armrest) - 1 star head screw driver How to: - Place armrest in position, it only rests properly in one place so you cant mess it up - It will rest over the Aux-in (green mark) - Next mark at the red with a pencil a...
  18. GREG_R84

    Liquid gauge fitting guide

    Just been looking on the awesome gti site as im looking at getting a liquid gauge. Iv done a search on here but there is a lack of pics. Can any one tell me the best way to run the OBD cable to the port. Even better if anyone has a few pics to show
  19. Naz

    Quick guide to fit mk3 Cupra Steering Wheel to mk2

    This is just a quick guide to assist in the fitting of the mk3 Cupra Wheel to a Ibiza/Cordoba. I didnt take many pics whilst fitting but can advise you of the main key points to ensure it doesnt end up costing you more than you anticipated. 1. disconnect battery and leave for about 20 mins to...
  20. ChrisGTL

    312mm Conversion Guide?

    i'm going to tackle my 312mm conversion this week on my TDI (weather permitting ov course!) I've got the following:- Brembo MAX discs Ferodo DS2500 pads VAG 312mm Carriers + pins + seals A couple spare bleed nipples Copper grease Wire brush Caliper rewind tool Things to still get:- Goodridge...
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