1. ChocoMilkShark

    Headlights Replacment

    Hi all, I'm having to get new headlights as water keeps getting into my headlights and I can see, i have a facelifted mk2 are the headlights different from the non facelift or not?
  2. ChrWh

    Has Anyone Fitted LED Sidelights to Double Headlamp Cluster?

    hi guys, as in the title. wondering if anyone has fitted these? and which type of LED sidelight they have used. Are there any bulb warning lights? pictures would be great aswell, cheers
  3. Headlamp bulbs

    Has anybody tried this head lamp set or brought items off this seller? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SEAT-LEON-00-XENON-HID-UPGRADE-CAR-FOG-BULBS_W0QQitemZ230312334126QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item359faf532e
  4. Alhambra headlamp bulb replacement

    Can anyone help:( Need to change the headlamp bulbs in my alhambra, tried to get to them but unless i can get a really advanced child to help there seems no way to get to them:shrug: Anyone know how to replace them or is it a stealer job
  5. kevh

    Headlamp Bulb advise please

    My previous car had xeon so the cupra standard bulbs seem a bit dim and yellow. whats the best bulbs to get without breaking the bank or fitting HID kit?
  6. nvidia

    dirt in headlamp?

    anyone have this problem? im really annoyed with these headlamp :( not just condensation in there but dirt too!!
  7. dannychapman10

    Headlamp washers - retro fit

    Hi guys, In talks now with a guy on here called Jon who I've just got my Milltek exhaust from about buying his Bi-Xenons and he says the washers will also be available, have seen somewhere that the mounts are already there but what about the wiring and getting fluid to them? easy or not...
  8. Fitted Hids - condesation in headlamp

    How do I get rid of the condensation in the headlamp? I am thinking remove the bulb and try to dry out with wifes hair dryer on low and then ensure the rubber grummet is sealed properly. Comments welcome Cheers Virge
  9. how do I remove this connector???? Anyone with HID headlamp experience?

    This is driving me crazy!!! I'm trying to remove my headlamp. I've got the front bumper off and the only thing stopping me from getting the headlamp out is the electrical cable that brings power to the headights! ttp://img260.imageshack.us/img260/8074/p1030529.jpg...
  10. Help fitting new headlamp cluster

    Hi, I've got a plain vanilla Leon 1.6 S and need to replace the whole driver's side headlamp cluster. After being quoted £250 by a dealer I'd prefer to do it myself. Is this an easy job? I can't find much information about it when searching the forums or the internet. After undoing the torx...
  11. Headlamp protectors and continental conversion

    Hi, Has anyone used the headlamp protectors with the continental conversion stickers on. I have just bought some and it says not for use with Xenons. Can anyone confirm or deny their efficacy in this situation? Cheers, Chris.
  12. F8 CMR

    Headlamp bulbs?

    hi everyone looking at chnage the bulbs in my leon as i do alot of night driving dont really fancy drilling for plug and play HID's so jsut fancyed coem better bulbs been lookign at the Philips Diamond vision bulbs was wondering if anyone hs tried these and what they think? if not what else do...
  13. twin headlamp bulbs

    I am right in saying that the twin headlamps are H7 dipped beam and H7 for igh beam also?
  14. NS Front Headlamp.

    I am trying to source a ns front headlamp for my R plate cupra sport.Finding this very dificult unless I buy new.:confused::confused:
  15. ROBD--M15RPD

    Headlamp mist

    Good evening I have just purchased a 2007 leon TFSI. I only have one problem that is the drivers front headlamp appears to have mist on the inside. Has anyone had this problem and know how its solved. Thanks in advance to all SCN members.
  16. Help with removing headlamp

    I need some help with removing my headlamps as Ive decided to get rid of the headlamp protectors (eyebrowns) I fitted 5 years ago(back in the days when fast and the furius ruled) I did of course use a type of silicon based glue wich I really hate myself for now as its impossible to get rid...
  17. headlamp bulbs

    Hi, Am i right in saying that an 08 Leon FR takes an H1 bulb for High/Full Beams and an H7 bulb for Low/Dipped Beams? I have heard good things about the Philips X-Treme 80% bulbs, but i can only see them in H7 form. Im not a great fan of blue lights (esp since any colour filter on the...
  18. Cleaning inside the headlamp.

    Is it possible to take apart a headlamp unit, in particular getting into the unit to clean the inside of the headlamp glass bit? Mines kinda gone fuzzy and im sure its blocking a lot of the light from it onto the ground. I dont know if the HIDs installed have almost burned a haze onto the...
  19. headlamp washer jets

    hi my washer jets have stopped lifting up wen i need to clean the lamps, i have checked the fuses but they are all ok, any ideas anyone? :(
  20. Moisture in front headlamp

    Washed the car yesterday and noticed condensation in the near side headlamp assembly, am I right in thinking this needs to be looked at under warranty as this would fail an MOT or is this normal ? Thing is the wife is taken the car in to have a few things done and I don't want her fobbed off...
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