1. Diesel Injection / cleaning fluid??

    Hi, Recently had my MK1 Leon TDi MOT'd and the guy said it only just passed the Diesel emissions tests. He recommended putting some cleaning fluid in the tank but only do so once there is aonly a few gallons left. Can anyone recommend me any product? Do I just pour straight into the tank?
  2. _chris_

    help with removing water injection

    Need a bit of help for my mate, he has just brought a ibiza cupra with revo stage 2 and it has got some sort of water injection on it. he wants to remove it because we dont know if it been set up correctly, i believe the timing has bee advanced just over 5 degrees, what is the best/easiest...
  3. HotHatchSteve

    Wynn’s Direct Injection Power 3

    Hi, has any one used or heard if this is any good, especially for keeping the inlet valves clean. Here’s some info I found in the AudiWorld forum. DIRECT INJECTION POWER 3 Air Intake Cleaner – Spray can DESCRIPTION Wynn's Direct Injection Power 3 is an aerosol product developed for...
  4. water injection

    hi, anybody got water/meth injection fitted? if soo which 1 do i go for? iv been on the internet lookin at at them and they dont giv a seat option? the closest is vw or audi, which 1?
  5. Blade

    Water/Methanol injection

    Anyone know of a kit that will fit our mk2 Cupra,s?
  6. Understanding The Secondary Air Injection System

    Ok so like many people I started off getting the incorrect flow code, bringing up the EML light, car also feels slightly less impressive when the codes noticed aswell, still has the power but its hard to explain. It’s like it holds back slightly Anyway, my problems started when my...
  7. Its not an injection damnit!!!!!!

    hi guys, i mentioned on my first post here a little poser i have been handed by my insurance company and also the dvla. when purchasing my 1997 1.4 met green ibiza sxe, i checked under the bonnet and thought hmmm a carb, (sorry for shortening the name but i cant remember how to spell the...
  8. mk2 copper injection wahers

    Today i took my injectors out for a inspection/clean. I have managed to knacker up one of the small copper seal washers. The engine has a serous lack of power and is fuel is bubbling up around the no1 injector, probably due to lack of compression. Any chance anyone knows any part numbers...
  9. redcupraboy

    P1421 secondary air injection valve circuit short to ground

    Hello everyone, I drove to work this morning and got a light up on the dash, so had a look in my Scangauge to see what code was stored for the fault,it showed P1421 secondary air injection valve circuit short to ground is this code anything to worry about? And Im guessing maybe it would be a...
  10. SNOWZ

    Secondary air injection fault in Hereford

    as in the title i have this fault and after reading threw numerous threads on here it seems to be a common fault. My problem is knowing what way to fix it, i see few people on here replace it or bypass it. I have plenty of mechanical experience and quite competent in doing it but its always...
  11. probee

    Probee's GT2871R LCR

    It's been a long time coming.... I’ve been thinking of posting something in here for a while. I bought this (my first SEAT) back in 2004 with less than 8000 miles on it. It was totally standard and looked something like this It wasn’t until joining SCN early last year that I (like many...
  12. Secondary Air Injection Issues

    Well I’ve got some jobs to do first, but then I’ll probably get a new mot done in November and will sell up. Moving out so wont need the power anymore as I’ll be more town based, and don’t need the petrol bill either Hmmm I’ve got a few jobs to get done on the Cupra first though...
  13. Skorchio

    Skorchio's LCR - 293 bhp 313 ft/lb - Stock K04 :)

    Its a long time over due but i have actually managed to get round to making a WIP. Been meaning to do it for 6 month so I have already made some changes to the car. Spring it going to bring many more modifications so I thought I would get this up now ready for them!!! 55 plate Seat Leon Cupra R...

    blanking plate for secondary air injection

    as above any one got a link, the intergrated engineering one does not work any more cheers
  15. Injection pump bolts problem

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hy I look yesterday for my injection timing with Vag-com and when i moving injection pump on bolts,one of thew was broken. Now i call my local VW-Seat dealer,and he told me that i must give him a factory...
  16. p34ch3y

    Secondary Air Injection block off plate

    anyone know where i can get one and the bolts and a resistor other than here
  17. PhilW

    Injection Time v Running Lean/Rich

    Hi, I'm tryin to understand the relationship between lambda values, MAF values and its related injection on time. As a rough calculation A/F ration is calculated as (100*Inj period[ms] *RPM)/120000 So if MAF values are low inecjor times would therefore would be low in proportion, which...
  18. tom.everett

    Water Injection

    Finally finished fitting my water injection, Thanks Bill for all your help yet again.. Surprised you've not barred my number from your phone... :redface: Currently only have the smallest injector on. Boost seams to last longer and doesn't feel as 'bouncy' as before.. So, what do I...
  19. removing secundair air injection i found this, engine bay is a lot cleaner without that stuff is it true that you dont pass the MOT with this? and if so why dont you pass it anymore?
  20. Craig!

    Guide:- Removing Secondary Air Injection

    This guide show’s you in brief how to remove the secondary air injection pump, valve, pipe work plus brackets. All that is required is removing six bolts, three nuts and a bit of time (and patience). First things first, once everything has been removed you should be left with all the...
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