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  1. cuprawill

    gas bonnet lifters

    does anyone know where i can get some gas bonnet lifters from like inxx ones? or does anyone know if the polo ones fit cheers will
  2. Hydraulic Lifters

    Hi Guy's , Was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. Im in urgent need of 16 Hydraulic lifters for my ABF Powered Seat Ibiza Cupra Sports 2.0 16V & and exhaust manifold gasket? Part numbers and a site in which I can buy the stuff from. Parts are so hard to get down...
  3. Cupra Ken

    Noisy lifters?

    I have got an anyoing tapping noise coming from my engine bay. you can hear it low down in the rev range when inside the car and it dosn't go away when the car has warmed up. i have had a full service a1k miles ago. my mate says its the lifters and not to worry about it but i just would like a...
  4. Dave_88

    Gas lifters for bonnet?

    Has anyone fitted Gas lifter struts to their bonnet like on the Mk1 Leons, to get rid of the ghey metal support. Was thinking of doing it but wondered if anyone on here had attempted first? Help appreciated ;)
  5. Rael

    Bonnet Lifters

    I have searched on here, and on google but to no avail. I would really like some hydraulic bonnet lifters. Does anyone know of a supplier, or if some universal kit is available that might work? Cheers! :D
  6. jason-jm

    bonnet lifters

    i've been searching for the last hour and ive come to the conclusion its either mk1 or mk2 golf inxx ones that fit, some are saying that they push the bonnet up when its closed though can someone spread some light so i can get on and order?
  7. Chrisdaman

    Bonnet Lifters?

    i'm after a set of bonnet lifters, just to make the car look a bit tidier, are the mk3 ibiza ones the same as the mk2, given that it's pretty much the same car? Cheers chris
  8. Chrome boot lifters?

    Hello! Has anybody tried to replace standard, black boot lifters (not bonnet!!!) with chrome ones? I know that it is possible in Leon using VW Golf lifters (there is how-to written by Pabs here) but what about Ibiza Mk3? I am wondering if these lifters fit Ibiza? Thanks in advance for your...
  9. Black TDI Turbo

    Bonnet Lifters

    Right ive searched through the threads and decided i want some bonnet struts for my car, I know you can use polo ones but im just querying are these the correct ones...
  10. PhilW

    Bonnet Lifters

    Where the hell do you get them from? Mine have given up and i need new ones asap. I bought these.... http://www.independent-inventory.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=2540 Which do not fit. I emailed them to say if these fit...
  11. _AJ

    Cupra Bonnet Lifters

    Right l know... been answered a million times probably. But l've searched and keep getting different answers or the links are now dead. So just want to know whether it's the Mk3 or Mk4 Polo ones that l go for?? Or are there any others that would do the job? Cheers :D
  12. Bonnet lifters on the MK2

    I've just been looking on Ebay at bonnet lifters and found two places offering them for sale, but both state they are not suitable for the TDI and 16V models. Why is that, as I cant see there being any difference on the wings/bonnet on these models compared to the rest of the range. Has...
  13. cupra bonnet lifters

    where can u get bonnet lifters for the mk3 cupra been looking for a while and cant seem to find them.a price would be nice as well thanks.
  14. Mk4 bonnet lifters

    Found these on german ebay at the weekend http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=004&item=140037135401&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 they dont seem to badly priced, i did win them but decided against buying them in the end. What do you all think?
  15. AaronM

    Bonnet Lifters Part?

    Hello I have spent most of the monring searching for my answer but no luck. Can anyone tell me which set of bonnet lifters i need to fit my mk3 cupra from Volks Bits...
  16. Undezcupra

    Bonnet lifters

    easy to fit? i bought sum yesterday at the gti festival just wonderd if any of you guys have them?
  17. chisel

    Bonnet lifters from VW group

    Hi I know this thread was few times already, but I don't like the lifters from local tuning shops. Some people wrote they are not the best, especially in winter time. do you know which orryginal VW group lift will fit mk3 ? I think about using only one but stronger. and I want BLACK...
  18. bonnet lifters

    I've just got some bonnet lifters from volksbits but i was expecting them to lift the bonnet themselves, basically i have to push the bonnet all the way to the top for the bonnet lifters to hold the bonnet up. on other bonnet lifters eg my gf's lupo gti it pushes the bonnet up on there own. is...
  19. LeeroyBrown

    Bonnet lifters Help needed please

    Well iv got them on but the bonnet wont shut!!! If you look at the pics you will see the lifters is overlapping the blue mental bit were the wing bolts on,(going diagonal) and it is catching on it and wont let me shut the bonnet.. Any help pleaseeee :funk:
  20. polished bonnet lifters

    hi i am looking for polished bonnet lifter to give my engine bay that look of Quality for a 2001 ibiza cupra. • How much do they cost. • Who can supply me with some. ps. is a forge 007 dump valve visible once fitted
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