1. Cigarette Lighter

    Hi All, Hopefully a quick question :) I don't often use my cigarette lighter but had to use it today, it doesn't seem to stay in when pressed but does heat up if you press and hold it? Are they meant to stay in and pop out when hot? This is on a Pre-FL Mk2 if that makes any difference...
  2. paulfs

    12v Power supply (fag lighter)

    Strange one here, my Mk1 Leon's fag lighter was always powered (even with ignition off) - this was dead handy for my work, being able to leave things on charge in the car. However my Mk2 FR this is not the case (powers on/off with ignition). Can I change this simply? :think:
  3. ciggerette lighter stuck??

    My ciggerete lighter has pushed in and not come out! tried changing fuse but its still stuck! any opionions??
  4. Willie

    Adjusting tyre pressure for lighter car?

    I'm hoping to be running my LCR at 150 Kgs below the OEM weight soon at 1,200 Kgs Is there a caculation to allow me to work out what tyre pressures I should run now. For the track I've been running 2PSI (hot) higher than recommended 33 PSI on the front and 33 PSI (hot) on the rear. This...
  5. CraigW

    Cigarette Lighter Loom.

    Can a fellow mk2 Owner do me a favour if it isnt too much hassle. Cant you check the above in your car and tell me roughly where it runs. Reason I ask is that I have a cigarette lighter to fit in the car from a mk2 and in the fusebox there is the fuse for it and a wire coming from the...
  6. Cigarette Lighter

    My rear socket in my Altea has stopped working (front one still works), have found out in manual the the fuse number is 30 but cannot locate in fuseboard under steering wheel. The numbers are SO small it is hard to tell which one it is!! Pleae help someone...........
  7. Gordz

    Lighter Socket Help Needed Please! (No it's not the fuse!!!)

    Searched and searched and searched and searched.... and just for a change I did a bit more searching... and found nothing about my odd problem (with the leon that is!), anyway... The cigarette lighter socket has out of the blue stopped working. Before anyone says, no it's not the fuse as I...
  8. dervpower

    Cigarette Lighter - It's broken

    I use this all the time to charge my phone, the hole, no the lighter :rolleyes: Well I managed to get a 5p stuck down there, which was almost the exact diameter, fished it out, and now it doesn't work Any ideas? :shrug:
  9. Fuse gone on Cigarette Lighter?

    Hi, my cigarette lighter has stopped working. The only thing I use it for is my phone charger and it suddenly stopped working so I tested it in a friends car and worked fine! I identified the fuse number as 42 abd ampere = 15 in my Seat Leon FR manual. My question is do i need to go out...
  10. Fisher

    Cigarette Lighter- Electric YES, Heat - No

    My cigarette lighter works and I plug my sat nav and my phone charger in....thats fine. It doesn't work very well at all when you attempt to light a cigarette with it. Any ideas>
  11. Cigerate Lighter in boot

    is it possible i have searched and no one has said it cant be done but no one has said i can i .it just i case of conect one up to the boot light or is there another way cheers for any help :shrug:
  12. rhumber

    Location of fuse for Cigarette lighter

    I've tried searching in the user manual and on here, but could not find out where the fuse location for the cigarette lighter is. Any clues please as my mobile charger has stopped working (and I've checked it in another car and it works fine). Thanks for any help! :(
  13. Cigarette lighter

    My lighter was working yesterday, i borrowed my mums sat nav plugged it in and then when i have taken it out the end has come off with the fuse, i have not realised and tried to plug something else in and the fuse on the first one has shattered and my lighter will no longer work. Is this a...
  14. Changing the Cigarette Lighter to Aux Power Out & Lock Switch

    I have the parts here thanks to Dave @ Sere motors, can anyone give me a good pointer as how to fit them without ruining the trim?
  15. 1996 Seat Ibiza 1.4 cls There is no cigarette lighter

    I bought my Ibiza last week It is a nice car. but everything is manual on the car only it has got power steering but There is no cigarette lighter on the car which I have never seen.I found the place which cigarette lighter is supposed to be. It is under the radio next to the ashtray. There is a...
  16. Cigerate Lighter Problems

    Hey all, having a slight problem with my lcr 225. the cigerate ligthers do not work. this is the one in the front and also the one in the boot. is there a fuse for the lighter in the car if there is i can check it. but jst wondered if anyone has had any other problems like this. cheers
  17. Hi Guys - Interior light / Cigerate lighter doesnt work on 2000 Ibiza

    Hey I had the car in for a service recently and when i got it back, the interior light and cigeratte lighter doesnt work. i was wondering whether the fuses have blown or something? do you know where i could locate the fuse box and what i'd need to do? im a bit rubish really! sorry :/...
  18. ski_tzo

    Cigarette Lighter Socket

    I asked this question on a seperate thread, but thought I might get more of a response if i started a new thread The lighter socket in my car wasnt working so i went & got a new one yesterday This socket isnt working either but theres a small light attached to it which lights up the...
  19. Cigarette Lighter Socket not working.

    Hi Chaps. My cigarette socket is knackered. What can I do to fix it? I want to buy and use a sat nav.
  20. Part Number & Price of Mk4 Ibiza Cigarette lighter

    I dont know how i have managed to lose it but would be very grateful if someone had a part number and rough price for a Mk4 ibiza fr Cigarette Lighter. Think i might have vacuumed it up!!??
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