1. ChocoMilkShark

    Buying Advice

    Hey everyone. So long story short, my mum like my Leon and thinking of getting one herself but she wants one with a softer ride, I personally don't know what model is better so if anyone can enlighten me would be appreciated. She wants an mk2 with all the tech stuff but with a softer ride as...
  2. Finan

    SE Model ?

    Okay. Ive Recently Found Out that my Car is an SE Model.. Instead of the Previous thought S Model. I did a Search on it.. but all i could find was 2006 Models and nothing on Mk2. So i am here Asking Specs on a SE Model? Google is Telling me its an 16V? I dunno if it true or not. Thanks :)
  3. Evoms cold air intake for Leon cupra 2008 model needed

    Is this the best intake for sound and performance on the Seat Leon Cupra 2008 model Im from South Africa and currently Evoms and BSH leading market Whats the best price u can offer me including good efficient shipment to south africa (cape town). If someone has a second hand one i will also be...
  4. Cupra Name / Model????

    Right is a cupra 20v turbo petrol is it called a cupra or cupra r?? bin arguing with some one about it i think its just cupra? he saiys its cupra r
  5. garry01

    what arb to buy on low leon? tdi model

    have the usual problems as you all know when dropping your leon with the arb rubbing on the drive shaft so have decided an uprated arb is now in need, already have shortened drop links before you ask, just want that extra bit of clearance. my question is what anti roll bars do you have on...
  6. Ricardo

    ooooooo cupra R toy, 1/43 scale model

    Item number: 290400034938 on ebay Its Yellow, but looks as far as they go fairly realistic. Costs a she load though!
  7. h/u model name

    Hi All I have a standard fit Alana radio/cd h/u but does anyone know the model name of the mp3 version? Thanks John
  8. Seat Leon 2000 model Stereo mounting bracket

    Hi All, could anyone suggest a place i can get a Stereo mounting bracket for a Seat Leon 2000 model, it has the original stereo in at the moment and i would like to install my current one from my old car. it's a standard size stereo but i require a mounting bezel to fit it in nice and...
  9. Jump starting an Arosa (53 model)

    Hi All, My OH's Arosa, decided it didn't want to start this morning. Didn't even try, just a vague clicking sound! Assuming it is a flat battery, we got some jump leads and connected them up. Neither of us having done this before and doing it in poor light has meant we've given up for...
  10. kevh

    Facelift model or not

    I'm a little confused not sure if i have facelift model how do i tell?:confused: reg documents say Leon Cupra turbo first reg march 03 i have: climate tcs radio cass with cd changer elec heated mirrors does not have: esp no indication on the body its a Cupra(poss debadged) side...

    Engine weight and gearbox weight 1.9tdi and 1.8 20vt in a 1m leon 2004 model

    as the title suggest, does anyone with technical knowledge know the difference in weight between both engines and gearbox??:confused:
  12. Facelift model

    Just bought a new Leon does the older model bumpers fit? I mate is fitting a BTCC kit to his 08 FR wil his old bumpers fit my new car? Cheers David
  13. Vario immob fault 2001 model

    Further to my recent post i have made a little progress, i think. Long story short the car wont start. Due to no fuel.I checked all the obviuos things no joy. I tried my vagcom but couldnt communicate, so i have recovered it to my mates who has a snap on diagnostc machine. It has logged...
  14. Altea brochure - 2008 model year

    Morning all, I have recently bought a March 2009 (pre face-lift) 2.0TDI Stylance, however the spec seems a little odd, so I was hoping that someone may have a 2008 dealer brochure kicking around that they could either scan for me, or post to me to scan and then I'll return it - I'll pay for...
  15. IanG

    Fog Light - Replacement Bulbs Facelift Model

    Just a heads up for anyone thinking of replacing the bulbs in their foglights on the Facelift Leon. The manual clearly states that they are H3 fitting yet when I have attempted to change the bulbs today they are actually HB4 fitting :( Anyway I've now got a set of H3 NightBreakers that are...
  16. Anywhere stock 1.2 base model??

    I know it's an odd time for availability but wondering if anyone has heard of a dealer with a 1.2 three door, preferably in red, that would be available shortly. I'm trying to do scrappage, have the money arranged but have a car with an MOT that runs out at the end of this month. A couple...
  17. JR750

    review of 1.9tdi 100bhp model?

    Hi, I'm struggling to find many reviews for the ibiza se version of 2003.. they all seem to be for the tdi 130 version. I'm wondering if there is much difference? Is the 100bhp one nippy enough? can the it be taken up to 130? (Currently driving a 1.4 petrol VW Polo) I'd like a 130 one...
  18. Fl@pper

    'Rattie' 1927 Model T Roadster for all pics but for a quick (ish) catchup i guess i better start at the beginning huh ? This is an old idea of mine i always wanted to do since i was knee high and having been bought up with mk1 escorts and cortina's ford pops and dragsters etc i guess i've...
  19. drue1

    my seat leon facelift model

    we after a long time in finding one ive found it wooohooo.i was after one in black to go with my orange theme:D:Dive put a deposit on the car and im picking it up on monday.then a trip to amd for my are taken from the add. what ya think all
  20. PD 130 turbo just popped! What model?

    Hi Guys Gutted to say this is my second Seat Ibiza and the second time the turbo has popped, that little VNT on the 110 lastest nearly 120k. Unfortunately on the 05 FR its only lasted 69k. :wtf: Can anyone tell me the model of turbo I require? I see some are Garret and some KKK. Does that...
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