1. Syphon

    CUPRA Teases it's next-generation TCR race car based on the 2020 MK4 CUPRA Leon

    Syphon submitted a new article CUPRA Teases it's next-generation TCR race car based on the 2020 MK4 CUPRA Leon Continue reading the full article
  2. Syphon

    New CUPRA Tavascan Concept - 306HP all-electric coupe SUV

    Syphon submitted a new article New CUPRA Tavascan Concept - 306HP all-electric coupe SUV Continue reading the full article
  3. Invisible

    Revo done today - Monster Motorsport

    Had the stage 1 remap done today on my standard K1 (with the exception of a pipercross panel filter fitted this morning, which imho made no difference at all!). Also had a RR done before and after; Results a little disappointing (from a numbers point of view) as had hoped to reach the...
  4. Cupra-cal

    motorsport CAT

    just ordered a blueflame cat back system the other day and will soon be after the downpipe and motorsport CAT.i noticed there are two different types that blueflame do tho,100 cell and 200 cell.anyone know what the difference is???:think: cheers callum
  5. Forge Motorsport Ibiza 1.4 Twincharger induction kit

    Hey guys and girls, been down to Forge this morning, take a look here...
  6. brwmogazos

    Kinetic motorsport K03s-K04 manifolds... Anyone got any experience on these manifolds? I am thinking of getting an INA manifold for my car, however a friend of mine pointed out for me this mani... The price is the...
  7. Jonny95 SXE

    1.8T not suitable for motorsport?

    during a "discussion" on another forum i have been told by a generics mapping specialist that the 1.8T engine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "20 Valve head is not strong enough thermal. Cause troubles in engines over 400 BPH" and after...
  8. PCV/ Breather hose

    Hi Guys, Been having a slight problem with boost for a week or 2 and have been over all my hoses and double checked since I fitted my THS boost hose kit, to check that fitting the new hoses hadn't caused the problem. Found a split on the Y-shaped PCV/ Breather hose and think this could be...
  9. ZBOYD

    Forge Motorsport PCV Fix and Washer Bottle

    Yesterday in an early evening fitting session which included my ITG intake we also fitted Forge Motorsport's PCV fix, catch can kit which also includes a tidy window wash reservoir filler bottle. :) Now I did until yesterday have a BSH kit fitted that I kind of jumped on the group buy...
  10. Hunnie79

    The worst motorsport promo ever? Could this be why the great car maker resisted the excitment of the BTCC in 2009?!;) Please - if you're not into racing - don't watch this - it's made me nod off.:(
  11. motorsport jobs??

    hi, just wondering if anyone is looking to employ a student who is fully qualified in a motorsport technology degree? was expecting to be joining one of the new f1 teams for next year but after a long road of iterviews and meetings the "recent economic downturn" means all teams are cutting back...
  12. Syphon

    Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    Due to be released in October this year. The official site is now up with loads of info, screenshots, videos etc. Looks great. :) Scott
  13. jamesgtturbo

    A M Motorsport

    Hi just a quick question , who are a m motorsport ? got a few receipts from them when i bought the car . any help would be great !
  14. Motorsport Photography

    Hi all Im getting into photography and as im interested in motorsport this i reckon will be where the majority of my shots will be taken can anyone who has what you consider to be good/ brilliant shots post them up.. just to see what is classed as good pics The more ideas the better...
  15. old 'uns

    F1..the pinnacle of motorsport?

    just when you thought common sense had prevailed... am i being naive in thinking that the cars would have been scrutineered at the official tests?
  16. warren_cox

    Forge Motorsport UK: 2.0TFSi Dump Valve Servicing kit review I recently contacted Forge Motorsport about a servicing kit for the FSiT DV they supply which has now been on my car for 12+ months. I sent an e-mail, and within minutes on the same day got a response by...
  17. Sportrider

    venom motorsport We have Progress!!!

    i dont know if this is in the correct place (sorry mods and admin) but its regarding my coilovers [rant on]i ordered my FK sport edition plus coilovers on the morning of second of Jan and spoke to someone at the office to confirm the delivery date and they informed me they would be with me by...
  18. PhilW

    Oil Choice

    Anyone using Halfords Motorsport 5w50 oil? Any thoughts on it?
  19. Picture Request - MK2 on 16" Motorsport Rims

    Hi Guys wanting to fit Brembo's in the future so will have to regretably dump the std multispokes for some other Motorsport wheels will stick with 16's, Preferances at the mo are Team dynamics Pro Race, OZ Ultraleggera, Speedline Turini or Compomotive MO's anyone got any pics of MK2's on...
  20. Damoegan

    Collins motorsport

    Anyone heard of them? I think they do a lot of the ford motorsport stuff. I've just been to a place next to where I work for a look around and got talking to the guy that runs it and he said they can do me a remap for £265 and the software is from Collins motorsport, he said it gives 25%...
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