1. va7entin

    Speedo Dials Cluster (turometer light numbers not working)

    Yeah... Like the title says, my turometer light numbers not working... Any ideas? :( I tryed to find the problem but not any luck.
  2. TDi_B5

    Vagcat & VAG part numbers

    According to Vagcat there are 5 different water pumps listed for the Arosa (all engine codes, 1.0 & 1.4). It seems that more than one of them will fit my 1.4 APQ engine too. I have found someone selling a genuine vag waterpump and it specifically mentions my model and engine code. However, when...
  3. Turf Burner 09

    Cupra R back bumper part numbers?

    Im ordering the cupra r back bumper soon and have a list of the parts and part numbers, Is everything i need here or is there any small fixings etc that i may need? REAR BUMPER 1ML807421BGRU LEFT GUIDE 1M6807393F RIGHT GUIDE 1ML807394F TOWEYE COVER 1ML80792879Y Any help would be...
  4. Parcel Shelf Mountings Part Numbers needed

    Hi, Have contacted Motorvogue Northampton for some parts for the boot light install for my Seat Ibiza Cupra TDi as I haven't got one and they have come back to me on all of them except for one as I had got the part number wrong. On the guide for how to install the glove box and boot...
  5. Brembo Discs part numbers?

    Hello, Am after the Brembo disc part number? I've a mate that works for PDC (Who make discs for Brembo etc etc) and basically I can get 'em cheap.. but I need the part number... Any idea folks? As in the standard discs that ship on the Ibiza Cupra R...
  6. Part numbers needed please :-D

    As some of you will know, I bought a 2003 Mk4 Ibiza TDI 130 yesterday. I'm considering changing the following parts as I have a mate who works at a VW garage and it'd make things easier for him if I could just give him the part numbers... - New suspension bushes all-round (would like to...
  7. TDi_B5

    Rear mudflap part numbers?

    Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the rear arosa mudflaps?
  8. cordoba lad

    Ferodo DS2500 part Numbers

    Right I'm about to change my brakes. I can't stand the redstuff pads anymore. Dangerous would be a good description. Any way DS2500 seems to be be the best bet, however so far I've found 2 part numbers. Can anyone let me know which one is correct. one is FCP590H the other is FCP1094H...
  9. welsh frtdi

    clutch options and part numbers

    hi,i have a fr 150 2005 model. i need to find a clutch as my oe clutch slips..trouble is my local part factors said that replacement is over 400 pounds. i would not mind the price only i was hoping i could find a sachs kit..would anyone have a number to someone for some part numbers and prices...
  10. Bocanegra - numbers???

    Anyone know how many Bocanegra's there will be and for how long they will be available? Want to order one, but can't until the New Year when my new work car scheme opens.
  11. F8 CMR

    Part numbers assistance please.

    hello, could you please help me out by informing me what the following part numbers are if possible please for mk2 leon, Black door mirror caps Black front grill front centre armrest thanks Cal
  12. fr wheel part numbers

    i am looking to get a set of 18inch alloys for my 2007 leon fr ...the 5 spoke type with the centre spoke that has a line down it ..anyone now the part number:confused:
  13. SalSheikh

    Part numbers for Cupra R Bumper

    apologies guys but i did try the search function. i have managed to get hold of a cupra r bumper only and was thinking of changing my facelift bumper so decided to look into what parts i needed. can anyone point me to the right direction with part numbers so i can order these through TPS...
  14. Part Numbers

    Hi Hope someone may be able to help with part numbers/parts illustration for bits on 1995 1.9D Toledo. I need the breather hose from front of block to valve cover and the plastic bit(technical description eh?) that that goes on the pipe between the oil pickup and oil pump. Any help...
  15. Cupra & Cupra R p/n's for Cams, Coolers, Clutch/ Flywheel/ Box, Turbo, Fuel Pump etc

    Spoke to a reliable source there just now with dealer ETKA and got the following information We are assuming that based on the 240bhp posted in the 2010 ETKA, that the BWJ engine has been replaced by the CDLD. No access to previous version of ETKA means that it is possible that moving...
  16. muks11

    Audi TT wishbone bushes part numbers

    Hi guys, My front wishbone bushes need replacing on my 2002 Leon Cupra. I have read most of the threads about using the MK1 Audi TT Roadster (front wishbone) rear bush to replace the pitted bush on the leon. Does anyone know the audi part numbers for TT bushes? Should I replace both...
  17. Parts Numbers

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? The drivers-side electric window in my 2000 Reg. SEAT Toledo 1.9 Tdi SE 110 has recently started to stick when trying to close the window from being fully opened, although it will close perfectly well when only shut from three-quarters open. I have had it...
  18. chrisbond69

    exhaust mounts numbers please

    im wondering if anyone can help im after a part and price for the exhaust mounts for the mk3 ibiza cupra, if anyone can find me that i would really appreciate it as cant find it on vagcat
  19. NickLCR

    130 Intake Part Numbers

    Does anybody have the part numbers for the standard PD130 inatake?
  20. ibiza mk4 part numbers

    This is a start to try and get all the part numbers in one place instead of though a 18 page thread which takes ages to read though so here gose Servicing parts PD130 Air filter – 6Q0129620 PD130 Oil Filter – 071115562A PD130 Pollen filter – 6Q0820367 Sump plug with washer – N90813201...
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