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  1. james.l

    Grooved Discs Rotation Pattern

    Got some new EBC grooved discs today from CRN, just wondering, is there a specific way to mount these, i.e whcih way the groove rotates, my cars grooves currently go \ that way going forward, i thought they where meant to go / that way going forward. Any ideas?
  2. Chan_P1_TDi_FR

    HIDS4U light pattern

    Hey guys, My old HID kit failed on me and now looking at the HIDS4U ultimate kit. I'm looking to see if anyone has any pics of the light pattern on something like a garage door and light on the road. The reason i ask this is because my previous set of HIDs didn't have very defined cut offs even...
  3. simonthekane

    Beam Pattern with HID Kit

    Hello, Does anyone have any photos of the beam pattern with an HID kit on a cupra ? Im thinking of perhaps getting a kit, does the headlight need any modifications as if im not happy with them can they be swapped back easy enough without any damage ?? Thanks
  4. chris27

    HID Beam Pattern

    Jus wondering what the pattern is like on everyone elses cars who have fitted HID's as ive got my mot soon. Has anyone got a decent beam pattern with the kick to the left with the standard headlights?? Ive got h4 bulbs if that makes any difference to the headlights between models.
  5. jezza49

    audi a3 1998 stud pattern help....

    Hi peeps, just wanted to ask if anyone knew the correct fittment for audi a3 1998 are they 5x100 same as a mk1 leon:confused: cheers jay
  6. mk1 leon cupra stud pattern

    can anyone help me with telling me what stud pattern the leons are, got it down as 5 x 95 but not totally sure thats right. trying to sell a set of replica alloys that came off my leon and ppl keep asking me the question of what stud pattern are they.
  7. Changing the stud pattern to 5x100 or 5x112.

    I think i deffinately want some wheels that Ive seen but they only come in 5x100 or 5x112. So I dont want to use adaptors, what will be easiest, new hubs/brakes (from a golf or similar) Or have the current hubs re-drilled? Also if it makes a difference, I have drums on the back atm
  8. stud pattern

    what are the stud patterns on a facelift leon cupra 03? my mates after some wheels and he doesnt know the stud pattern? cheers rich
  9. Beam pattern with Diane-shop HIDs

    Fitted the 6000K H7 HID kit from diane-shop on ebay last weekend (£39.12 incl P&P!) Light output is great, but the beam pattern doesn't look right at all, when I park the car in front of my garage doors & look at the pattern. The original H7 bulbs produced a clear kink up on the passenger...
  10. Wheel bolt pattern

    Hi, we're in the process of buying a 2.0TDi leon. For the winter we'd like to have the option of skinnier wheels if we get any snow. We've got a load of spare 5 bolt saab wheels with appropriate tyres and would like to know whether they'd fit. What's the BCD of the leon's wheels...
  11. Wheel Pattern sizes???

    Please excuse me if im being stupid but does anyone know what the wheel pattern is on a mk4 ibiza sport, apparently its either 5x100 or 5x112, so yeah its a 5 stud but what is the 100 or 112??? Is it the distance between opposite bolts from centre to centre?? HELP!!! :doh:
  12. Havok316

    Headlight Beam Pattern

    I had fitted my HIDs last weekend but ive noticed when im driving there is more ligh on the passenger side than the drivers side, althogh there is light on the drivers side it looks to me either the light is too low or is it the beam pattern to stop blinding oncoming traffic? I done a silly...
  13. RobT

    Biggest Steel wheel in 4x100 bolt pattern ?

    Hi I am thinking of getting some transport wheels for my ibiza - need to be large diameter for ground clearance for loading onto trailers etc - was thinking of a set of steelies with some big sidewall crap tyres, van tyres or suchlike. Wheels dont need to be wide but 16 or 17" would be a...
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