1. Removing B Pillar Cover?

    Hi. I have a bit of a rattle coming from what seems to be behind the seat belt slider area and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and/or knows how to remove the cover? I try to avoid messing with the interior trim but...! :mad:
  2. nomad pillar pod

    hi guys thinking of buying the nomad double pillar pod as i have had the rgm one for 3 years it is ok just dont look as good as the nomad one however iam a little concerned as i read on here somewhere that they dont clip in that well due to them not haveing oem mounting to clip it to a pillar...
  3. pillar pods for gauges

    I want one like this, not overly bothered with boost reading, more interested in temps or oil etc! Has anyone seen any like these for sale yet at all?
  4. pillar mount gauge pod

    Hi guys, just bought a boost gauge and wondered were the best place to find a pillar gauge holder.......thanks in advance
  5. daboy3000

    Pic request B Pillar sticker removal

    Thinking of removing the black stickers on the pillars between front and back doors, did this on my old kiwi Ibiza and it looked good, has anyone done this to a Leon? ....and got any pics.
  6. nossi_20v

    boost guage pillar pod

    hi all got a boost guage the other day and just want a black single pilar pod to mount it in. I dont want a nomad pod just a single guage pod that fixes onto the pillar. Anyone know where i can get one from that wil actualy fit, not a crappy universal one. Cheers for any advice :)
  7. advice needed on gauge pillar purchase???

    hi i have been thinking of getting a boost and oil temp gauge fitted to my LCR mk1, but the pods on ebay look crap. does anyone know where i can buy a decent pod for a reasonable price??? regards bash
  8. hoggy90

    Pillar pods

    Was looking at pillar pods for my leon mk1 and was going to order them until i realised i dont know if they will fit snuggly onto my pillar...can anyone tell me if i can go ahead and order and old pillar pod or do i have to buy a certain one? any links to the pods you have used? cheers
  9. nomad pillar pod

    Hi all i have bought a nomad dual 52mm RH pillar pod. Does this replace the existing one or does it fit over the original?
  10. vroomtshh

    Who has removed the exterior B Pillar cover?

    Looking for any info on removing mine. Thanks
  11. edmong

    How Have You Secured the Nomad A Pillar

    Hi guy's, bought the a pillar mount second hand and was wandering how the f**k do you secure it tightly to the a pillar? The original part has 4 or 5 female ends that the yellow clips fit into but this has none. Can you help?
  12. A Pillar Trim Replacement

    Autoglass have kindly scratched 1 of the A pillar trims inside my Ibiza whilst replacing the windscreen. They have said they will replace both trims (so they match) however I would like to know if it is an easy job to change these? My concern is Autoglass will cause more damage when...
  13. wilky87

    Pillar pod

    I'm looking for a two guage pillar pod for my 04 Ibiza fr, anyone know where I'm best off getting this? Cheers
  14. edmong

    Nomad Pillar Pod

    Hi Damian, Do you sell the above or can you get hold of one? I need a double one and the A pillar pod mounting is best imo. Let me know Gareth
  15. pillar mount

    i bought a black single pod boost gauge pillar mount from nomad and they said it requires 1 screw no drilling needed. but when goin to fit it i noticesd there isnt already a hole behind it and there is a square hole about in that position for the screw from the old yellow clip things from the...
  16. kyle18uk

    B pillar vinyl removal

    Hello, has anyone ever removed the black vinyl on the exterior of the b pillars? What's behind it? Want to remove it but just want to check first! Thanks. Kyle
  17. Boost Gauge And A Pillar Mount??

    Hi all does any1 know where i can get a decent boost gauge and pillar mount from? Im looking for the complete Apillar with the gauge part attacthed and not just the add on mount to the pillar???
  18. black b pillar vinyl for 5 door

    right so this is the question i know alot of people have done it with a 3 door, will it be just as simple to do with a 5 door mk3 ibiza?
  19. Leon_MHX

    C Pillar Removal/Install Help

    Can anyone that has removed their C pillar (rear door handle) please help. Im in the process of swapping them over to the gloss black cupra style ones, i have removed what seems to be all the bolts (4 in total) the handle unit comes loose but i cant seem to manoeuver it out. I have disconnected...
  20. b pillar mess!!!

    i put some badges on the b pillars of the car with double sided sticky tape recently but have now taken them off, problem is its left a gluey residue on the pillar and im struggling to get it off. anyone know off any cleaner etc that might help at all please? thanks alot
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