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  1. Mickylad

    Seat Ibiza TDi Mk4

    So the C2 was sold at the start of January there, fancied something a bit different and preferably diesel as I could be commuting to Uni next year. Looked about at various Mk5 Golfs, Polos etc. but most of them were high mileage English cars which I would rather have avoided. Found a clean...
  2. plastic funnel kinda thing under drivers seat ??

    guys, when i took out the drivers seat, i came across a plastic funnel thing ( best way i can discribe it) with the end (opening ) coming out under the seat, out of interest any idea what it is ???
  3. HELP, mk3 2001 seat ibiza 20vt problem

    hey guys i have a problem its on my 2001 mk3 ibiza cupra 20vt. the fuel gauge doesnt work, i plugged my vag com into it and went into instrument and got the gauges to move so im assuning their ok and it came up with a fault code when i tested it which was .... 00771 - Fuel Level Sensor (G)...
  4. Liverpool Seat Paint Problems Again.........

    Hi guys and gals. In december 2009 we took ownership of a 2007 model Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport love the car it is awesome to drive, however it has had teething problems the front and back headlights had to be replaces due to condesation and the bonnet had to be completly resprayed due to rust marks...
  5. AndyHazza

    Back in the SEAT saddle again!! :)

    Hello All, Well after a couple of years away from owning a Seat, i've finally got back into it! I originally had a MK3 Ibiza cupra which i loved, but changed it for a VW Corrado VR6 storm, which was also great, but wouldn't have stayed as mint as i would have wanted. I then had a Fabia...
  6. ADVICE Seat Leon FR Wind Deflectors

    Has anyone purchased a set of team heko wind deflectors stated for a 06- leons from this seller before link provided below really want a pair for my FR...
  7. Seat Leon FR Mats???

    Hi There, Bit of a boring thread, but I have picked up my seat leon this week, and I require some mats. Do Seat do any nice genuine FR mats?? Or does anyone know of any nice leon mats available? Thanks Tom
  8. TT seat fitment

    Hi guys, Looking at getting some audi tt seats but was wondering are they relatively easy to fit into the Leon? I cant seem to find anything on the search. Thanks for any replies
  9. Wow!!! How cheap are Seat parts

    Hi Guys I can`t believe how cheap main dealer Seat parts are:D The previous owner of my Gti hit a cat and broke the front splitter and lost the fog light surround, 1./ Front splitter £21.00 including Vat 2./ Fog light surround in primer £14.00 including Vat BARGAIN!! Just...
  10. fourtwofive

    seat speedline corse wheels.

    i have a set of seat speedline corse wheels does anyone have a set or know how much they are worth. i got mine with the car and the guy a member. said they are rare?
  11. jezyg

    SEAT Leon FL FR TDi

    After 190 miles we have both been impressed with the economy, performance and looks of the car. The luna grey silver paintwork seems to suit the car well and shows off the extended wheel arches and slash along the body very well. The 17" Ibera wheels do look bigger than the 17" size that they...
  12. does a seat sport strut brace fit 56 reg. cupra tdi?

    really want one but how hard/easy is it to fit? totally new to this seat carry on so be gentle, have tried to search for info on here but can't find any...: (. the left hand side has a huge metal box over the mount.lol so don't want to purchase if it doesn't fit. ta! craig
  13. RS6

    My Seat Leon Cupra R ** CAR SOLD* NEW CAR!

    Standard with Stage 2 mods fitted it made 235bhp and 219.4lb ft so not bad for a 210! AMD Stage 2 remap it made 270bhp + 319.4lb/ft with Forge TIP ------- Now Running Revo Stage 2 + Badger 5 TIP, Jetex Cone & Jabbasport Heat shield with cold air feed, X4 new coil packs, new thermostat...
  14. New to diesel and Seat.

    Hi Guys Got myself a 2008 Leon Tdi 140bhp last Nov engine code is BKZ (as far as I can remember) Here's my problem, I cant work out if its a PD engine or not. :help:Anyone help?? Thanks in advance.:confused::confused::confused:
  15. Seat Leon 1.4 Tsi Leon Sport 2010

    Hi, I bought a new Seat Leon Sport last week with most of the options on it. Absolutly loving the detail and the care put in the car. The look and feel of the car is top notch. Will post some pics up later once the car is detailed. I was a bit unsure of how the car would be as even with...
  16. silver box under drivers seat?

    i was cleaning my fr out today and noticed a silver box under the drivers seat. Any ideas what it is?
  17. How to remove Seat Leon Dashboard

    Hi, Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to remove a Seat leon 2003 Dashboard. I have a annoying rattle that seems to be the strut under the dashboard, but i cannot get to it. I know this seems to be a common problem and many people have just turned up the radio or put it into the garage...
  18. Veyron

    Where can i get a seat centre cap for alloys?

    Hi, i got my Ibiza sport wheels yesterday but after going to the poles and getting a jet wash i noticed my seat cap from the middle has gone on one of them and was wondering where i could buy a new one and how to stick it on so it doesnt fall off. Thanks
  19. Seat Virgin:P Time for my modding!

    Im now on this forum as you may of guessed, Ive bought myself a Seat Ibiza Cupra, Its plenty fast enough for me at the moment being somewhere above 210 bhp. So im going to start by doing some visual mods. As the roof is sprayed black, I have sprayed the wingmirrors to match, Also going For...
  20. WTCC:2010 SEAT colour sceme

    Heres Tom Coronels new colours :D
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