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  1. simmytt

    Audio systems Step by step speaker change

    Tools needed, flat screwdriver, torx bit 20 phillips screwdriver, wire snips (sharp scissors) electrical tape. hacksaw. Parts needed, 16.5cm speakers, autoleads sak-3103 adaptors. 1st, put a flat bladed screwdriver in the slot at approx 7 o'clock, put a bit of card behind to protect door panel...
  2. Chelesty

    Speaker Adapter Rings

    Hellohello, I was wondering if anyone here happens to know the radius of the 6 speaker mounting holes in the door card of a 5 door Ibiza 6J? In the interest of time and money, I would like to 3D print my own rings. I have a set of Pioneer TS-G1730F on the way. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Audio problems with GARMIN

    Hi everybody, i own a Volkswagen UP (2016 model), that is the twin car of SEAT MII. Using my Garmin 10R-04 6953, the right front speaker only works playing FM radio and CDs. Playing music from SD card, using navigator or using bluetooth connections (such as speakerphone and streaming music from...
  4. Aftermarket speaker upgrade on Seat Ibiza 2017-18

    Hi all, I have a 2018 Seat Ibiza tsi 95 without the Beats Audio. The current sound system sounds really good but i am looking for something slightly better. Has anyone tried to upgrade the speaker ? Has anyone got any recommendation or tip/advise ? Thank you in advance, Serk
  5. Speaker adapters

    can someone tell me if i have bought the correct speaker adapters, it said online 2012 onwards. Im replacing front door speakers on my 1.2tsi fr 2015 black & have bought these but they dont seem to line up with speakers. Speakers are 165mm...
  6. olliep

    mk4 ibiza speaker size/fitting

    as per title, what are the front and rear speaker sizes for a mk4 (3door) and do i need any wiring/fitting adapters to get them in?
  7. SCupra

    Leon Mk1 Front speaker help

    Hi My front left door speaker seemed to have stopped working, the tweeter still works and when I took the door card off and gave the door speaker a little push on the cone I got some sound but only treble no base:( Does it sound like its blown:confused: I do like the standard speakers...
  8. AlexGSi2000

    Front speaker wiring

    Just a quick one, Just bought some replacement component speakers for the front doors. I purchased a fitting kit from autoleads which comprised of the following wiring adaptor...
  9. Door Speaker sizes?

    Hi, ive had my ibiza 2002 for just under a year and have decided that I need to upgrade my crappy standard speakers, front and back. Does anyone have an idea of what sizes the front and the back speakers are please? Are they fairly easy to replace aswell?.....as i am an amateur at this...
  10. door speaker pod

    does any one no where i can get a speaker pod built for 2 6.5 inch components
  11. chaazza

    Ibiza cupra mk3 front speaker grills

    just wondering can you buy these on there own if so could i have a price :)
  12. rear speaker upgrade

    Need some help with fitting new speakers in the rear of my ibiza mk4 3dr. How do u get to the speaker and what would be a good upgrade? cheers
  13. alx_chung

    Speaker upgrade for MKII Leon

    Was thinking of upgrading the speakers on my MKII Leon. Any recommendations on a good solid set of components that won't break the bank? Budget of £100 to £180. Had a look at the usual JBL, Alpine and Infinity. I currently have an Alpine IVA-W202R HU in the car. Do you recommend getting an amp...
  14. Ongoing speaker adapter debate

    Hello, ive done a search for old posts but have drawn a blank as all the links have gone out of date. Does anyone have the info and poss pictures of their speaker adapters for the front of the mk4, there seems to be two avaliable one is just round and the other seems to be sculpted with three...
  15. sh4rk

    Advice - speaker issues

    hi guys - ok i have looked through so many threads now just thought i would post :) I as of 2 weeks a go the proud owner of a seat leon cupra 2001 WOOT :p :( However on getting the leon its factory aura stereo was dead - no biggy went and bought an after market HU. wired it up iso's in amp...
  16. cuprakemp

    speaker adapters

    lookin for some speaker adapters is there such a thing out there cheers
  17. Husbandofstinky

    Speaker crackle

    Probably a silly question but I assume that I'm getting this due to the possibility of wiring being a bit loose. The Pug estate has speakers in the tailgate and every now and then over a bump a crackle kicks in and continues for the rest of the journey but only on jolts from the road. All...
  18. RaggedLob

    Rear or front speaker upgrades for an Ibiza MK4?

    Own a MK4 Ibiza 3dr, and have bought a Sony Headunit and some £40 FLI Integrator 6 17cm coaxials, together with some dynamat. My original plan was to put these speakers in the rear, and leave the front ones because they are actually OK, but having read some threads, i am having second...
  19. Passenger Speaker Grille

    Hi Guys, As of today I now own a 57 Plate Cupra TDI - love this car, although its very different to my old Mazda3 MPS. I need to get a new speaker grille for the passenger door and I was wondering whether the grille is the same across all MK4s?
  20. olliep

    Leon mk1 amp and speaker fitting question

    Evening, 1) When wiring in an amp i understand that I need to connect a cable from the amp to the head unit. Where at the head unit does it connect? The standard ISO plugged straight into the HU so i cant see any loose cables?? 2) What speaker size do i need for my components? I've seen...
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