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  1. Hrkalo

    Cordoba stereo modification

    Hi peeps, im new to the forum, this is my first post :redface: :redface: I was wondering if anyone can help me about modifying my Cordoba 6k2 stereo like the guy in photo? I was searching everywhere, i dont know if its an easy job or no but i reaaaaly need help:crash: Maybe some wiring...
  2. 2007 Cupra head unit upgrade advice please

    Hi all. I've become ultra confused reading all the threads on which head unit will work with my cupra. I have a mk2 2007 with that gopping stock radio in it. I want to upgrade it to something better that will work with my steering wheel controls. Don't care much for satnav but wouldn't say no...
  3. Fitting new Double Din Stereo to 2015 Seat Ibiza FR

    Hi Everyone, I bought the following kit fron InCarTec to fit my double din headunit and believed it was a fairly straightforward swap, however, the radio doesn't fit and I am not sure how the kit works. https://incartec.co.uk/product/50-992-1 I have found a few posts which advised that the...
  4. 1din stereo radio for Ibiza mk4

    Looking for a stereo for my mark4 Ibiza, just a regular 1 din. Ideally with aux or Bluetooth input but I'd consider anything
  5. Help. Stereo won't work and car won't lock. Seat Leon mk2

    I own a seat Leon mk2 1.6 and the other day I saw my earthing wire on my sub had come loose. When I went to move it it sparked and my electrics all went down. My stereo won't turn on and neither will my sub which is directly wired to my battery. Also my center door locks isn't illuminated and...
  6. Grounding Bluetooth Adapter

    Hey, New to the forum not sure if this is the right place to post. I bought a Bluetooth Adapter/module that plugs into the back of the stereo on my MK2 Leon. It has a grounding cable, where is the nearest point in the MK2 from the stereo that o could ground it? Thanks
  7. Steering wheel remote, after market stereos

    Hi All, First time posting, have looked for an answer on the site but cannot see one, so though I'd ask. I'm looking to replace the OEM Stereo in my 09 mk4 Ibiza. My intention is to replace it with a double din stereo with more features, but my main point of apprehension at this time is the...
  8. slim20vt

    Mk2 leon stereo help!

    Can some one help? I want to fit kenwood headunit (din) to a tfsi where can I buy the fascia kit to the the new headunit?? And does anyone no witch lead. Need to keep the buttons on the steering wheel working? Please help asap! If you have any pics I would love to see your headunit upgrades!
  9. Which car stereo?????

    Hi there... Im looking at getting a new stereo, the two im looking at are the Kenwood KDC-BT8044U, or the Pioneer DEH 7100BT.Has anyone got these if so what are they like???
  10. stereo not keeping memory mk1 leon

    i have just changed the head unit to a sony and every time you remove the keys it looses all the memory settings. i have not cut any wires just connected the black and brown vlock connectors to the sony loom any help would be great thanks
  11. new stereo

    Just bought a new stereo and i cant seem to get it too sit into the hole correctly, it seems like there is not enough room for wires. Also the plastic sleeve underneath wont go in. anyone with any ideas or help on ways to solve the problem? cheers
  12. changing the factory stereo

    first bit of help I need. believe me it wont be the last I'm looking at changing the factory stereo in my 1998 Alhambra. what I want to know is this, is there anyway to adapt the new stereo so I can use the factory remote stalk. my wife is adamant that it has to be operational, if...
  13. Putting a Double DIN stereo in my leon cupra?

    I'm thinking of putting a double DIN dvd player in my new leon cupra but by the looks of things its not just a straight forward job of buying an adapter plate off ebay... Does the bottom of the centre console need changing :confused:. I'm assuming i'd just get this from Seat? Does anyone have...
  14. Stereo problem...

    Hi Folks....Just put a Sony stereo in the mota and it won't keep the stored radio stations in the unit after the ignition is turned off and on again....any ideas...all welcome...cheers
  15. seatcupra2001

    ipod with standard stereo

    Hi all i want to put my ipod touch straight to my stereo i brought this thing from ebay which allows you to run your ipod through the radio is there a way to use wires? coz the sound quality is really crap lol thanks
  16. mk3 ibiza cupra stereo

    been and bought a mk3 ibiza cupra and its got an after market head unit that im not over keen on, its also got uprated door speakers n tweeters, and a sub in the boot. as ive said im not over keen on it, is it gunna be a big job to remove it and wire it all in to a standard stereo?
  17. stereo stuck in safe mode ?

    hi . battery went flat on car . my son enterd 3 wrong codes now its stuck in safe mode. i have the right code for it . just cant get it of safe mode..?
  18. 8bit

    Stereo fit on 2005 LCR 225?

    Hi all, Haven't even picked it up yet (roll on tomorrow!) but already thinking as far ahead as swapping out the stereo head unit for something with an iPod connection. Can anyone tell me if the standard unit on the Cupra R 225 is the standard DIN size or will I need a facia and/or cage to...
  19. sick2death

    Stereo Advice

    So I'm a little confused what I should do, so appreciate anyones advice: Basically, the CD changer on my LCR is kaput. At least, I presume so as the HU works fine, but whenever a CD is put in it comes up with Error or something along those lines. So my options are: a) To buy a new...
  20. Seat Leon 2000 model Stereo mounting bracket

    Hi All, could anyone suggest a place i can get a Stereo mounting bracket for a Seat Leon 2000 model, it has the original stereo in at the moment and i would like to install my current one from my old car. it's a standard size stereo but i require a mounting bezel to fit it in nice and...
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