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  1. Squintstream

    Tesco "Finest" aero wipers

    Anyone tried these? At £6 each they seem very reasonable and I'd be happy to replace them twice as often as they're less than half the price of the Bosch or VW items. They seem to be good, just haven't had the chance to try them in the rain yet :rolleyes:
  2. Tesco 99 Octane Super Unleaded?

    Just wondering if any guys here tried this fuel?
  3. GhostMjr

    Tesco sells Leon Mark 2 Windscreen wipers

    Hi, Just went into tesco today and they are selling the window wipers for the leon at £8 a pop in store. Are they any good. New stock at Tesco extra bournemouth. It looks like they could fit. Any thoughts? Range of sizes: 24,22,20,19,18, 16 inch...
  4. RobDon

    Tesco 99 - lower emmissions?

    My car passed its MOT today with no problems at all, which is very interesting as I've been using Tesco 99 fuel for a while now and it passed the emissions test. Last year on Shell V-Power it failed and in the end only just scraped by after VW put some kind of additive in the fuel tank to get it...
  5. Boo

    Tesco Pink screenwash

    I normally get the apple scented stuff from Halfrauds as it doesnt have that cat wee smell to it. However, today I bought some 'pink wheels' stuff from Tesco which at half the price I had my doubts about. Its lovely :D Smells like sweeties, going to go and buy some more tomorrow and the anti...
  6. Birdy

    Warning Tesco diesel not good

    I was running low on diesel the other night so i poped into my local tesco filled my FR to the brim, drove for about 1.5 miles and the engine managment light came on, next the car started to splutter and then would not rev over 3000 rpm but was not in limp mode. I carried on and the car was not...
  7. Tesco Diesel

    I know there are many debates regarding fuel but just a quick note regarding my experience. I had to put 1/2 a tank of Tesco diesel in recently and the stuff is awful. I used to notice a marked difference with my last car which would only run on 98 Ron petrol but did not expect it to be the...
  8. Big_A_Cupra20vt

    F***king Idiots At Tesco

    ok i just felt like a moan just changed my insurance to tesco and have just spent about an hour trying to get then to beleive me that my car is alarmed as standard bunch of morons never had this trouble befor. for some stupid reason they need it in writing even though it took me about 2 mins to...
  9. RobDon

    Shell Vs Tesco 99?

    Anyone tried the Tesco 99 fuel, compared to Shell V-Power is it much the same, better, worse? What's the price difference, Tesco must be cheaper right? I just noticed my local Tesco now has 99 RON so wondered about it!

    Insurance quote with Tesco which alarm??

    Hi guys My renewal is due soon and got a quote off tesco, I was asked to confirm my alarm type and there was a bloody long list. Looked at seat list of alarms and there was a few. Does anyone know which 1 it is on a cupra 51 plate? Who's everyone with? Cheers Adam
  11. 99 Octane Tesco Fuel...............

    Has anyone else tried Tesco's new 99 Octane fuel?? I have put 2 tankfulls in my Leon Cupra R,and to be honest i am amazed at the difference in the way the car goes.Most people notice with the LCR that it starts to run out of puff as you get upto 5500-6000 revs,even after a remap(like...
  12. Tesco 99 ron fuel

    Has Tesco 97 SUL been replaced by 99 SUL? My local Tesco's now have 95 UL and 99 SUL but no 97 SUL. I think I'll try some instead of Optimax when I next fill up.
  13. cupra fan

    Tesco's 99 octane garage list

  14. IainW

    The Tesco British Rally Championship!

    Seriously! What a clever way to promote their 99 Octane Unleaded.
  15. super tesco

    Tesco have recently opened a new shop near me and have now got tesco petrol stations so for the last few weeks i have been filling up with there diesel. I do the same journy everyweek at the same speed and i seem to be getting about 3/4 mpg extra since switching from shell diesel extra. I have...
  16. cupra fan

    Tesco 99 octane

    Filled up with this stuff for the first time! Impressed, normaly use optimax only but had to give this a go! initial impressions, seriously enhanced gear changing around town, nice idle and goes better than optimax. One down side is noise! on acceleration you can notice a lot of manifold style...
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