1. ZBOYD

    Forum maintenance upgrade - 02/09/08

    If all goes to plan we are taking the forum offline later to do some essential maintenance updates to the software. This should only take an hour or so, but as always if we hit snags it might be a bit longer. So your pre-warned you will have to talk to the wife or husband or do something...
  2. __B3NNY__

    B3NNYs Flash Red K03 Hybrid Ibiza Cupra - First Hybrid logs (WMI Installed)

    Thanks for taking the time to have a nosey threw my pictures. I got the car in november 06 from former member mchubb, she was exactly what i was looking for. A standard untouched version of the mk3 cupra with only 32k on the clock. Had a Revo stage1 remap installed along with a Miltek cat...
  3. Scully

    Bulb Upgrade

    Hey guys! I wanna get some new dipped beam bulbs, which are white or blue! but I mean white or blue, nothing yellow! I heard Osram Silverstars are very good, and Phillips bluevisions. But do they really look white/blue???
  4. the bear1986

    brake upgrade on TDi

    hi quick question what do i need to get the full audi tt brake set up? as does anyone know if brambo has done a brake set up for the mk4 tdi?
  5. hundleton1

    Upgrade Air Filter

    hi guys been thinging of replacing the standard pannel filter in my FR 170 for the Pipercross performance one, any one done this on there TDI? any inprovement in power?
  6. slick

    Cheap Upgrade on your 312mm brake system

    ATE Brake upgrade kit I know a few people where looking to get upgrades on the Cupra/FR's this seems to be a good upgrade not to far from what unclefester did, but for about 200 notes less (not a porka caliper but a Stoptech i think from the looks of things!) Thought it might intrest some...
  7. MichalR

    Brake Upgrade DAB to FR

    I have posted a couple of times in the FAQ section but havent got a reply...I have a DAB at the mo and was wandering if i had to change anything if i wanted to change the brake setup to FR calipers/discs? Is it a straight swap? Cheers Michal
  8. craig87

    alternator upgrade!

    Right guys looking to uprate my alternator think my current one is only 60a looking for around 120a do you knw of any that are straight swap and how easy they are to fit??
  9. upgrade k03s or k04 001????

    looking at upgrading my stock k03 but dont no what to. aint got enough money for ihi and heard ko3s and k04 001 is a direct bolt on wanting to no what you guys think of the two in performance before a go buy one???
  10. Empi5

    SCN Corporate Entertainment Unit - Upgrade

    Well the 2008 Season is approaching fast, and the first purchase to upgrade the catering facilities, is as follows: Has anyone else made any purchases to make life easier at the circuits.
  11. upgrade calipers

    hi there on my leon, i want to upgrade to a 2 pot caliper soon, the problem i have is my caliper is connected to the hub, correct me if im wrong and the carrier is connected to this aswell, only the caliper comes away, i am looking to get the hubs from either the 130 tdi or 150 so that i can...
  12. speaker upgrade

    hi guys, got an 04 plate leon cupra tdi. Was wonderin if i needed to buy speaker adapters for the front and rear speakers, and do the 13cm speakers fit or are they bigger?
  13. Upgrade to cupra brakes from 1.4

    Please Delete Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my front brakes on my ibiza but i was wondering if the brakes of the cupra are direct fit or do I need to change the hubs as I have heard that the hubs and lugs could be a different size??? Are they direct replacement? Kind regards, Alex
  14. MFD2 to MFD3 upgrade

    I've got an Leon FR, built May'07 with the MFD2 sat nav fitted, anyone know if an upgrade to the MFD3 is just a case of swapping the units out. If a want a proper SEAT unit, rather than a VW one, can I buy one of these from a dealer? Anyone got any idea how much it's likley to cost? £lots I...
  15. Tell

    ECU Upgrade

    My dearest Seat dealer re-programmed my car without asking when I had it serviced to the latest software. I asked what would have happened if I'd had it remapped / chipped etc. Think I meant the former, they didn't know. I said well I think if I'd spent £600 having it remapped you would have...
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