1. Dave 77

    My 312mm Brake Upgrade

    As the title says i upgraded my 288mm brakes on my Boca to some 312mm ones What u need is a set of carriers, caliper, disks and pads (the stock calipers that come with the cupra/boca are not quite right unlike i first thought) I found out the hard way half way thought and had to try...
  2. upgrade or not?

    hi currently got an ibiza and have got a jl 12inch w3v2 d2 sub with a jl e1200 monoblock amp. now ive been offered a 4 month old mtx t612-44 sub for around £60. it needs a box though. would there be a big difference between that and my jl sub and would i be able to use it off my current amp or...
  3. 312mm brake upgrade

    Hi Im looking to do the 312mm upgrade. However people keep saying different things, will I need calipers and carriers, or just carriers. I have a pre-facelift Ibiza fr, with 288mm's as standard. Also can you tell me how much your upgrades cost. Cheers :)
  4. zach225

    Do I upgrade, is it worth it?

    I have tdi 130, remapped to 175 and 300 ft/lbs I have a green panel filter and my clutch is starting to slip, I've been given a quote for a sachs racing clutch, miltek downpipe and a custom remap totaling £1160. Will I really notice anydifference going for the downpipe or do I save...
  5. How to Upgrade Brembo to bigger Brake Discs.

    Stumbled upon this guide to fit larger discs to the Brembo setup http://www.drivertuition.com/LeonCupraBrakes.htm Takes them from standard 323mm up to 330mm. Also I'm not sure (due to the unclear phrasing) but might be able to go to 345mm?
  6. Headlight upgrade

    Hi everyone I'm looking to upgrade my headlights but have searched for hours looking at different bulbs and i'm wondering whats the best bulbs to go for. I want maximum light output but dont want the hassle of installing HIDs . Any help appreciated
  7. PD160 charge pipe upgrade for FR TDI

    Has anyone tried to replace standard FR PD130 plastic pipe with the Cupra metal PD160 charge pipe?? (6LL145770B (egr to smic)) Is it a direct replacement?? Or can anyone recommend a direct fit aftermarket upgrade please! Cheers amigos
  8. p34ch3y

    'Upgrade' turbo - any good or cheap rubbish

    as it says http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400103911013

    Mk4 Ibiza Upgrade Newbie - Advice on where to start and what to upgrade?

    Hi All, I thought I'd start my first decent post with a completely open discussion on upgrading my 2006 Mk 4 Seat Ibiza 1.9 PD130 TDi FR. I'm new to the upgrade market but working with a bunch of petrol heads who spend their weekends gallivanting around the country, taking part in various...
  10. TFSI headlight upgrade ??

    Hello all, im a newbie to the site and a new (to me) Seat Leon owner. Ive got a '06 55 2.0 TSFI Sport in Dark Grey Met. i sold my previous car, Mini Cooper S, to get this one. The problem i have is the headlights. Coming from the Mini with xenon headlights to the Seat without, im finding i miss...
  11. Brake upgrade Cupra

    Hey guys.. Anyone who has upgraded their brakes on a Cupra ? Is there any slottet discs or so avaliable ? thanks!

    Boca upgrade

    Has any one done anything to there boca since buying it.
  13. Stiglet

    Looking for advice to upgrade me car..

    I am not in a very well paid job since my redundancy. I have been saving for 4 years lol to try and get my next car. I have a 1.4 Seat sport and looking to upgrade to either : 1.9 Sportrider 1.9 FR DAB special edition thingy(whatever thet is lol ) I dont have much money for running costs...
  14. nutzu

    brake upgrade seat ibiza/cordoba tdi >2.016v>vr6

    hello , i have a cordoba coupe 1.9tdi (ASV) 110hp made in 2/2000 i want to upgrade the brakes . now i have 256mm discs brakes in front(not shure) and i want to upgrade them yo 280mm brakes from seat toleto 2.0 16v vw golf mk3 2.8vr6 i know that i have to change calipers +...
  15. Guide - how to upgrade leon mk2 speakers

    I've had my tdi Leon fr since October last year, and the sound was ok but I was used to a better stereo in my old motor (after I'd got to work on it!). I've just ordered myself a 'complete upgrade kit' - some new speakers, speaker adaptors and a trim removal tool - for getting to the speaker...
  16. rabe187

    What do i need to do to upgrade my car to stage II ?

    at the moment i have an APR stage 1 remap, Supersprint full exhaust and carbonio air intake ... i know i should start working on suspension next but i just wanted to know what i need to do to call my car a full stage II Leon? Cheers,
  17. Clutch Upgrade Needed?

    Hi one and all, Bought a Leon Reference Sport 2.0 TDI with a 196BHP remap with 325nm torque (was 140BHP) and it hasn't had a clutch upgrade, my local specialist says I need a new clutch and that a good one is about £700 as the clutch could go and mess up the flywheel and cost me thousands...
  18. Brake Upgrade

    Hi im buying a 1.2 moda polo I know the hubs are 5 x 100 but am not sure whether my 312mm tt brakes will fit from my polo gti any info will be great thanks
  19. rear speaker upgrade

    Need some help with fitting new speakers in the rear of my ibiza mk4 3dr. How do u get to the speaker and what would be a good upgrade? cheers
  20. alx_chung

    Speaker upgrade for MKII Leon

    Was thinking of upgrading the speakers on my MKII Leon. Any recommendations on a good solid set of components that won't break the bank? Budget of £100 to £180. Had a look at the usual JBL, Alpine and Infinity. I currently have an Alpine IVA-W202R HU in the car. Do you recommend getting an amp...
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