1. Turbo upgrade advice?

    Bit of a newbie to turbo's, always had V6's My LC is 180 std. K03 turbo im guessing? Can i fit a K04 turbo straight on? Like a turbo off a tt 225 or S3? Do i need to change the mapping/maifolds/piping ? Thankss!
  2. upgrade to standard air intake trunking

    hi all, just added a p-flo to my lc 180, just need to know what to do with the 'snorkel' it is standard at the moment, would a larger dia one be better? and what is best to use please? many thanks
  3. Rear wiper upgrade

    Hi can any one give me the run down on the rear aero wiper upgrade for a MK4 Ibiza , is it a Polo one or a Leon one that looks good , I haven't a clue ??? Regards Paul.
  4. Cowie

    Have i missed anything for my intercooler upgrade?

    Hi all, am looking to replace my IC this weekend and just wanted to double check i had everything in place. I have a 65mm same side inlet/outlet IC, 64mm silicon tube and fittings,T type clips,a forge 65mm (the one for the LC 180) map sensor,is there anything else i need? Only thing i'm not...
  5. air filter,standard or upgrade?

    Hi, Looking to replace air flter, is it worth upgrading the air filter or sticking to standard. it's on a 1.4 2002 model
  6. brake upgrade

    has anyone done a brake upgrade ive upgraded to the corrado g60 280mm brakes but wouldnt mind some 2 or 4 pot calipers has anyone done this and what calipers etc did you use?
  7. headlight bulb upgrade, help needed

    Hey,so searched through most of the threads here but comming up short. i'm going to upgrade the oem bulbs to osram nightbreakers. ive got the full and dipped beam bulbs from the different threads here, H1 and H7, but cant find the part code for the side lights, i take it ill need to change these...
  8. ib04tom

    Some upgrade advice

    So after getting my car back from the body shop after some clown went into the side of my the second day i had it im ready to spend some cash. I.C.E I have a nice alpine HU on the way but im looking for some door and rear speakers what do people recommend , the tweaters sound ok to me is it...
  9. gezmeister

    N75 valve upgrade

    Just wondering how many of you have upgraded the n75 valve to an n75J? Is it worth doing to a standard car, or more worth doing after a remap?
  10. gezmeister

    Suspension Upgrade for LC

    Ok, before all the haters start, i've used the search :p I'm looking to upgrade the suspension on my 2001 LC, as the standard setup is, well, shite tbh. So i have a few questions: 1) What other ARB's from other marques fit? I've heard of r32 ones but any others? 2) What ARB's come on the...
  11. S.c.r.e.a.m

    Air Filter Upgrade

    Hi guys got a quick question: can I just change my standard air filter on my 1.4 16V to a K&N 57i air filter? Also what will this to he sound/performance? Cheers
  12. Toledo 93 engine upgrade

    Dears, This is echo fom Egypt, I have a seat toledo 93, I want to upgrade the engine, my engine is 1600 cc, carburetor fuel mixer, I want to have a newer model engine, which models' engines could be applied into my car? do the toledo 2000 or 2001 models' injection engines could be applied...
  13. Turbo upgrade what should i expect

    HI there, i have just bought a car and currently it has a KO4 Hybrid on it Forge Front Mount Big Port Manifold 4 Bar FPR 3" downpipe mated to a Milltek with Cone Filter what do you think i should expect. car had 285 on its last rolling road, felt it should have a wee bit more...
  14. EdHorny

    Brake upgrade for Bocanegra - Updated 12/01/10

    Hey peeps, Loving my Bocanegra, but one thing i wish I had was the sport brakes. Now I'm regretting not having that, I think the standard brakes are good but not good enough, I need more stopping power. Anyone know the options I have, I would like an upgrade to Brembo's or equivalent but I'd...
  15. brake upgrade

    hi guys n gals, i have a mk2 leon cupra and im wanting to upgrade my brakes, i would like to put porsche calipers on the front but not sure which ones to go for 4 pot or 6 pots? or which model of porsche caliper? what else would i need? and where could i get them from? any advice would be...
  16. Chassis Upgrade

    Hi all After Eibach replaced my front coilovers when they broke, I decided to go on a bit of a handling mission lol. I have fit the Eibach 25mm ARB kit (front and rear), the coilovers set up properly and 4 wheel lazer alignment. Just ordered a few goodies, bit of a Christmas prezzie...
  17. Seat leon se (110bhp) turbo upgrade

    Hi - i would do to upgrade to a bigger turbo on my car to improve boast etc.. i here it's the 130PD turbo from the fabia Vrs that is compatible. or the 150PD (golf gttdi) turbo with IC? . can somebody advise me on the the type and part number for the turbo required. My Engine code is...
  18. Aimez

    Broken front ARB (collar) what to upgrade too?

    Well had cupra & powerflex wishbone bushes, top mounts, bearings and coilvers fitted at AmD yesterday. They called me to tell my the front ARB collar was broken and they were unable to source a replacement yesterday. I will get my local garage to fit this for me (annoyed as I now have to pay for...
  19. upgrade options

    hi guys i have a 1.4s i want to get more poke out of it but don't want to replace the engine for a 1.8T and have about £200 to £550 to spend what do you sugest
  20. Possible stupid question about 312mm brake upgrade - pads!

    Got all my bits and pieces to go ahead with the 312mm brake upgrade, thanks to a couple of folk on here! Basically I've got the calipers from Leon mk1 180/Golfmk4/TT, and some Ferodo pads. I'm just wondering if I have the correct pads, they are the right size but one of each set of pads has the...
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