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  1. any information on how to clean egr valves

    Can someone give information how clean the EGR Valves. Is WD40 used to clean the valves or another substance?
  2. Cupra-cal

    dump valves

    am thinking about getting a dump valve for my leon cupra and was wondering what is the best make to get? and are they easy to fit? :confused:
  3. Forge valves

    Hi everyone, Been doing a bit of reading of posts and general looking around on the net. Have started doing some work on the cupra, will get some pics up over the weekend. Had new exhaust, lowering and spacing carried out and am now starting to get the bug!! Anyway am planning on...
  4. dump valves

    i was just wondering what dump valves are best fitted to these cars? i currently have a turbo dynamics one but its not very loud and fancy changing it. any suggestions. thanks
  5. Forge dump valves

    Do you need to change standard plastic DVs for Forge DVs as a matter of course or do you wait for a problem!?
  6. blow off valves/dump valves??

    whats the best blow valve/dump valve for my k1??
  7. sssstew

    TDI FAQ - Dump Valves, Part Nos and much more info - Start Here

    Please note this is a merge from the old TDI FAQ, some links might be missing the old pics for example and some info might need updating. This thread can continue to be updated by adding new posts to it. Note that a general search of the TDI section can yield new results on old topics so for...
  8. Need some advice/ help on Dump Valves please!

    Hiya guys, there might already be a big thread on this somwhere but i cant seem to find it so apologies in advance if im repeating something that might have already been mentioned a 1000 times. Im in a bit of a dilemma guys, ive got an 03 plate Leon Cupra with a standard recirculating dump...
  9. induction kits, dump valves (yes again !)

    Hi all, On my LCR I have decided i'd like to hear more of a dump valve noise, I've got a forge 007p and i currently have a green cotton panel filter with a smoothed and drilled box and a 3" feed. I realise my dv isnt atmospheric but i have been told if i was to have an open cone filter then...
  10. gazcuprablk

    how much for full engine build with forged pitons/rods valves etc

    right ive been chatting to a well known engine tuner around my area and have had a quote of 3k to have my engine re-built using wossner forged pistons upgraged rods supertech valves/springs and retainers aswel as all the bits to make it reliable(ish) and they'll bore it out to 1870 cc, is...
  11. Whats the difference with all there dump valves? Please help

    Hi another question again sorry. Been looking at new dv's and not sure what to go for. Few people have said go for forged 007p ones but seen others for sale and dont know whether they are any good. Seen "atmospheric" ones forge bailey ones and twin piston ones. Has anyone ever used there or...
  12. dump valves

    im looking at buying a dump valve for my 1.8t leon (AUQ) which valve should i go for :help: cheers rick
  13. Cupraken

    Apr v forge diverter valves

    Hi all, has anyone got experience of apr dv's, I want to replace mine and the company that can supply forge dv offered apr as an alternative saying it was a re-engineered diaphragm type with nomex diaphragm and is as good as forge but maintenance free. any thoughts appreciated, Ken
  14. Replacing PCV and Recirc Valves on the TFSi

    Anything to watch for when changing out these valves? I have the new OEM spring recirc valve and a complete PCV assembly with gasket as I was seeing a flat spot at approx 5200rpm prior to taking some of the uprated parts off my car. I now understand this flat spot has been seen on several cars...
  15. gazbrum

    What diameter is our factory bosch valves?

    im lookin for a atmospheric blow off valve , ino our engines dnt like them but i love the sound of the woooshh! lol. my mate fitted a atmospheric on his seat leon cupra and he hasnt had no error codes. i was wondering tho a dump valve i have seen on ebay is 34mm diameter will this be a straight...
  16. dump valves???

    Hi, Im after a dump valve and am unsure of what to buy do i just get a valve like the bailey etc.. and i goes straight on or does it need a fitting kit or extras. Also is there a specific dump valve that is prefered but the majority, thanks n im sorry i dont know more feel like a retard askin...
  17. LeonFR07DSG

    Dump valves, spacers, recirculating, atmospheric and filters...whats what?

    ok quite a few questions in one thread so i apologise...had a search and couldnt find the answers to most of these questions, would be great if you could help... dump valves.. what is the one that sounds like a chipmunk (chattering) and the other sound like a tschhh... lol recirc? atmos...
  18. can you put atmospheric dump valves onto the 1.8t engines?

    just a quick one, can you put atmospheric dump valves onto the 1.8t engines? cheers
  19. Help with Dump valves Please

    Hello all i am new to this forum and VAG 1.8T engines so a bit unsure even after reading up on the search option If i was to get a diverter valve for the cupra r 225, theres a choice of forge 007, forge split-R and a Bailey DV26? Is that correct? Do they all work ok? Are they all reliable...
  20. Dump Valves

    Hello another dump question (some might think), Is there a dump valve that can be turned off so that a noise isnt heard. I have searched but no1 seems to have asked this. I have reason to my madness! thanks
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