1. fr-tdi

    Ibiza vs Polycharged Zaino Z2

    had a free day today to get round to going over the ibiza again, never been ultimatley happy with its finish so i thought i would fix that :) kick off: water spotting, little etch marks here and there and the odd light swirl break out the pre-wash tools i used elite snowfoam in...
  2. CupraElliott

    Elliott's MK3 Ibiza Cupra Update * carnage has begun*

    Onto my second Cupra now, I must be mad :D Bough this after the Cupra Was a gorgeous car, but I needed some fun again and for the mpg it did I could have had something much faster. So up for sale it went, was looking for a swap for either a LCR or another Cupra. A month down the line...
  3. Anyone use Zaino Polishes?

    Hi i have a emocion red mk2 leon. I need to know whether the paint work has a 'clear coat', can anyone tell me? I'm looking at the zaino product range, so if anyone uses it do you recommend z-2, z-3 or z5-pro for my car? Ta all!
  4. stpete

    which Zaino?

    Hi Lee, for my first venture into Zaino products what would you recommend I've been looking at both Z-5 and Z-2 but since paint work is black thought i might start with Z-AIO or maybe even a swirl buster like Z-PC. Cant afford the whole kit fo with xmas. At the moment i use carlack system clean...
  5. A quick wash with Zaino

    With all the bad weather we have been having recently including snow the leon has been looking a little worse for wear. With a nice day arriving on Monday I took the opportunity to give her at least a quick wash. To put you in the picture, when I got the Leon back in April me and Andy C...
  6. Jace


    I cant remember why I never posted this up, must be old age ....:( Washed her down with Z-7 Shampoo, & then wiped the car down with Menzerna Top Inspection . First up was Z-5 "PRO Show Car Polish", followed by a wipe over with Z-6"Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray" to remove any...
  7. Tyler Owen

    Black Leon Cupra with a hint of Zaino

    I finally got a free saturday to apply my Zaino Firstly started off with a wash as the rain had left everything mucky Oh yeah i have given in and bought a Schmitt, only a wheel one though, i still see them as sponges It was was alright actually much better for cleaning the arches but...
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