Elliott's MK3 Ibiza Cupra Update * carnage has begun*

Onto my second Cupra now, I must be mad :D

Bough this after the Cupra

Was a gorgeous car, but I needed some fun again and for the mpg it did I could have had something much faster. So up for sale it went, was looking for a swap for either a LCR or another Cupra. A month down the line and Cuprajohn offered a swap for his Cupra. So a trip upto Edinburgh and the deal was done.

Car needs a bit of work bodywork wise, which I can sort myself luckily. Respraying the bonnet and front wings next week, bumper was only done a few months back.

Spec is as follows.

K03s Turbo
Stage 2 map
Lightened Flywheel
GR6 clutch
Forge Turbo Intake Pipe
Forge Front Mount Intercooler
Forge Split 'R' Dump Valve
Miltek Turbo Back Stainless Steel Exhaust
Miltek Sports Cat
BMC CDA Carbon Induction Kit
Cold Side Relocation Kit For Split 'R' Valve
Blue Silicone Hoses

LCR splitter
Smoothed front bumper with middle bar removed
Colour coded bump strips

Suspension and wheels
Fk coilovers
Lightweight Compomotive Alloys
Toyo Proxies

Since then I have removed the tints.

Cleaned it up a bit.

Had all the suspension off and painted it up. Lowered it a bit more too.

Noticed the exhaust was a bit shabby so to gain better access I took the rear bumper off. Noticed some rust and dirt behind there so out with the paint, crash bar was removed and painted.

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Wire wheel on a grinder for the exhaust

Polished up

Stripped down for more painting as I hate rust. Fitted HID's while I was there

Since I have had it I have fitted 6000k HID's, aero wipers and a SEAT sport tax disc holder.

Next week I am respraying the wings and bonnet because it's stone chip heaven there. I have 10 days holiday at the end of the month so hopefully might have my new wheels then, but the car should be pretty much mint then and I will correct all the paint.


looks nice elliot, put that pic up of your front bumper and black fmic. looks awesome . :)


The Cupra Kidd
Feb 24, 2007
Isle of Lewis
If i were you id get onto Forge about the front bumber bar, 1 year old and all the paint was f**ked. Your a hellish hard act to follow but mangaging to keep the excellent finish on the coupe.

What a difference the powdercoated intercooler makes, looking A1


The Cupra Kidd
Feb 24, 2007
Isle of Lewis
Spot on mate, going great, planning on respraying the bonnet and roof cause of the marks on them aswell as getting a few carbon fibre bits maybe complete the m-tec kit too. you moving forward on the hybrid treatment??


The Cupra Kidd
Feb 24, 2007
Isle of Lewis
Full mtech kit will look lovely, that was my plans for it. How do you find it in the twistys? I never got the chance to push it in the corners,.

Yeah going hybrid, eventually. Trying to setup the valeting full time and it's taking priority and cash right now.
Lets just say i havent put it into a hedge yet so finding it fine in the corners, better than the cupra anyways, never got comfortable cornering in it.
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