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  1. Big end conrod bearing

    Greetings, I am doing (almost) complete overhaul of my 2007/8 Cupra. I have everything ready besides big end conrod bearings. Are these the correct ones https://www.ebay.ie/itm/MAIN-SHELL-BEARINGS-KOLBENSCHMIDT-77-537-600/263308101716?hash=item3d4e62c854:g:Ox0AAOSwSQFaAxZA ? It fits way too...
  2. str8ballin

    Big turbo fuelling logs - plz help

    Hello, I have never really logged my fuelling much but as im tweaking my setup with unisettings I thought I would take some logs of block 031. My voltages are all over the place to start with - on idle i see .750, then all of a sudden 0.040 volts and it keeps fluctuating between 0.04 - 0.80...
  3. Big thanks

    Just wanting to say Thanks to Damian for the Whiteline RARB. Ordered it on Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday afternoon. Only problem was 2 bolts were wrong, which, obviously isnt Damian's fault :) Also, the Live online support was excellent too :) Look forward to dealing with you...
  4. Bobby.Gee

    BIG wheel Problem

    Hi Guys Just putting my wheels on the front with 5mm spacers and they dont clear the brembos. now i was assured by the guy i bought the spacers off who has the same car with the same wheels that the spacers clear the brembos. (it was swoosh off here) now the wheel when not even half...
  5. miltek big problem

    ive had my miltek cat back for just short of a year now and in all that time i can not find any one who can stop it from rattling!!! the exhaust seems to sit tight to the left hand side of the tunnel causing rattling and also somewhere towards the rear. today i took it to an audi garage as...
  6. What's your mileage?

    mileage on your v5? I've got 103k on my 2002 V5 170 but I'm pretty sure there are some big mileages around from previous posts. I was wondering if anyone has got over say 150k miles on theirs and if so whether they've had to replace the camchain or MAF?
  7. N Jardine

    big ben has moved under my bonnet

    HELP today i was just arriving home, turned the engine of and a awful ticking noise started, i opened the bonnet and had a look, couldn't see anything wrong. so i turned the ignition 2 turns till the dash board lights came on, and took the key out again and the same noise happened again. has...
  8. Big drop in power

    My 05 Leon FR had a superchip remap about 18 months ago and WAS running well. All of a sudden i have experienced a noticeable drop in power, about back to the original spec, its as if the remap has disappeared! I've also started getting a slight judder/hesitation when applying very slight...
  9. How big are the LCR Brembo breaks

    hello, im wondering if anyone knows the OEM break sizes from a Leon Cupra R 225 Thanks in advance, Nick :happy:
  10. tequilan

    weitec spring and shock set - big thumbs up

    got this fitted yesterday to my ibiza fr tdi and wow what an amazing piece of kit for just over £300 quid! i'd read many times damien blabbing on about how good this kit was and didnt want to follow the coilover crowd and im kinda glad i didnt now, im so surprised by the quality of the ride...
  11. Cupra Gsy

    Big Ported Head What Are The Gains

    What gains would you get from fitting a big ported head from an AGU Golf to a AQX Ibiza. Would it be worth doing?
  12. big hello

    just to say hello to all as i am new on here, have had my cordoba for the past 2yrs but my partner has been useing it as our family car, i recently bought her a new panda 100hp as a wedding presant and we put the cordoba up for sale as we no longer needed it. then the other week i had a rather...
  13. andyspencer

    big brake people

    What pads do you use? Where and how much do you all pay ? :)
  14. Big brakes or uprated pads and discs?

    Hello, my standard brakes are coming to the end of their life so am thinking about other options to replace them with. Option one is to keep the standard calipers and get EBC grooved discs and DS2500 pads. Option two is to get new 4 pot calipers (brembo, neuspeed etc) mounting kit and use the...
  15. 5x112? big drill? lol

    ive found some very pretty wheels off a merc 5x112 fitment, now if the leon is 5x110 its only a couple of mill, i was jokin about the drill but is there any way i can get em on without too much headache? cheers
  16. Big bang and lots of smoke

    I got a Ibiza diesel FR 2004 model. While driving home tonight when there was a big bang and lots of smoke. No engine is very lumpy and not very powerful. Plus very smokey. What could the problem be?
  17. Tfsi_Mike

    KO4 Vs Big Turbo

    Have a bonus on the way in January and so far only have 2 upper engine mounts and Diff planned. With my ever present lust for more power Big turbo keeps calling! I currently have KO4, Dbilas Inlet, Apr large intercooler, Apr HPFP, Apr stage2+ Map, Miltek 3" DP, Sport cat and 2.75"system...
  18. THE Mk4- BIG UPDATE PG2!!!!

    As some may know, I now have a Mk4 Ibiza Sport TDi, which I'm planning on keeping for a fair few years (4-5 maybe), and is going to be one big project over that time! I want to create a car which is good looking, fast, handle well but still be comfy enough to cruise around Europe. There...
  19. jump start = possible big bill

    Hello Had a flat battery and so jump started my car, however now my dash lights come on on there own and with no key in the ignition. Been told I have spiked it or something, and need a new dash which I have to go to the robbers (seat) to get. Anyone know roughly how much this will...
  20. bateman fr

    fr back on road big thanks to guys at amd essex

    got leon back new clucth flywheel short shift and stage two remap 200 bhp well happy with that have only got air filter, exshaust and egr removed am looking for advise on fitting aqua mist system ? :clap:
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