1. Help please! Updating map

    Hi, so for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to update my map (2019 seat Leon fr sport). I made the terrible mistake of deleting my files which puts me in a predicament as I cannot copy over the overall.nds. I need help please as my car uses the navigation on the cockpit so not using...
  2. ryzzey

    Help with software update

    Hi all, Apologies for starting a new thread as I know there are so many threads on software updates for the infotainment system. I am so cinfused by them all and cannot find any download links for the latest firmware. My unit is on 0359 and despite my local dealer saying there are no updates...
  3. PLEASE HELP with firmware update!!

    I've been reading so many threads and it's so confusing trying to find exactly what I need. If anyone can explain in plain English I would be SO grateful!!! So I have a 2016 Leon with the nav + I believe. I'm literally about to retro to the 8" screen (I've read the forums on how to do that so...
  4. ChocoMilkShark

    Updating my satnav

    Hay all, I'm having some issues updating my satnav I checked the sticky but I can't seem to get it to work at all. Any advice would be appreciated https://photos.app.goo.gl/1YbPhkASVR13nxBCA
  5. evo2345

    Evo2345 Leon Mk2 FR550

    Having Recently part exchanged my Stage 2 Ibiza Mk4 for Mk2 Leon FR i thought i had better start a new readers ride so here goes: Specification Mk2 Leon FR 2.0 TDI FR550 9.5k on the clock K1 Full body kit with spoiler,skirts etc Lowered on Eibach Sportlines Optional 18inch Seat Alloys...
  6. jezyg

    Seat Customer Service :o) *Update + resolved*

    I had a reply to my intial email pretty standard reply but nothing on how and why my order was cocked up anyway here is the very helpful reply :shrug: I wonder if there is a cover up or me being cynical :confused: "Dear Mr Green, Thank you for your email. Sorry for the delay in...
  7. rsmith

    Removing Brembo's, Update, refurb finshed, pic's inside

    Hi all, How hard are the Brembo calipers to remove from the car, i assume i just remove the pads, undo the bolts and brake lines and thats it.I searched around but could not find much and i have visions of brake fluid going everywhere. Anyone have expierence with this? Ta
  8. Nobber

    K1 Update

    Well after owning the car for just over 3 months I've started the modding!! So far I've done: LED Sidelights Eibach Sportlines Debadged rear Miltek Non-Res Cat Back 19" RS6 in Gloss Black with Candy Lip Pics: Re-Map and Downpipe/Hi Flow cat will be happening when...
  9. RabReith89

    "Bumble Bee" UPDATE 12/07/10 KO3S C-CODE STG 2

    Hi guys starting a new readers ride lost all my pics on photo bucket so deleted the old one. So here is my cupra, bought her with 76000 miles fsh am the 3rd owner no rust, scraches or dents. She only had a few mods when i got her like green cotton filter, cat back exhaust, forge tip, forge...
  10. The Boc's on Coilies! UPDATE Page 1 (some new spring photo's)

    Well Awesome Gti lived up to their name today and fitted my Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar and Eibach Pro Street Coilovers. My impression after 50 miles.. So so impressed! The ride is actually slightly softer and more comfortable than the standard cupra dampening but it feel more sturdy at the...
  11. DaveysFR


    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an 18 inch set of BBS CH deep dish reps for my Mk2 Cupra. The guy I am buying them off says to put 8 inch wide rims on the front and 9 inch wide on the rears. I will be reusing my 225/40/18 tyres from my standard Cupra wheels. But I wreckon 8 inch wide all round...
  12. RS6

    My Seat Leon Cupra R ** CAR SOLD* NEW CAR!

    Standard with Stage 2 mods fitted it made 235bhp and 219.4lb ft so not bad for a 210! AMD Stage 2 remap it made 270bhp + 319.4lb/ft with Forge TIP ------- Now Running Revo Stage 2 + Badger 5 TIP, Jetex Cone & Jabbasport Heat shield with cold air feed, X4 new coil packs, new thermostat...
  13. Project Trackday - update.

    just mocked up the interior on my Cupra, to work out where everything will bolt in. as usual with this car, clearances are tight, but it looks like I can make it work. video on youtube - can someone clever do a link? and, yes - the door does close!:)
  14. Jerky/Hesitation UPDATE. HELP?!?! Stops at 5krpm

    This is starting to annoy me now.Since friday, when the car starts to warm I get a very bad hesitation problem. It's not too bad when crusing, but as soon as I put any load on the engine, the car accelerates very lump, like it keeps losing power randomly. It's so bad that it struggles to get up...
  15. turbo009

    mk1 Leon Cupra

    Hi everyone,some of you might know me from when i had my Ibiza mk3 Cupra. Just thought i would do another Readers Ride thread now i have my Leon Cupra mk1 Not really much to say,cos its pretty much standered I was told by the last owner it was remapped by Forge and runnin' 205bhp @...
  16. Vin-R


    Hi guys, was wondering if any of you could help, my LCR is playing up at the moment. basically, over the last few days ive been getting this intermittent problem when i start the engine. as soon as it fires up, the rev needle shoots to 2k and just stays there, and then very slowly comes...
  17. Some pics of my Bocanegra UPDATE: Now on Coilovers (pg2)

    Took the car out to get a few shots. Enjoy :)
  18. Andrewcupra TDI

    Andrewcupra TDI's ride

    thought i should make a a thread before i forget again some pictures from advert i bought and a picture of when i collected and sent off for a full valet Engine: Carbonio Cold Air Intake ( i did have a green panel filter but swapped with mike FR+ ) Unsure of a remap or chip , was...
  19. Clutch noise???? **Update**

    I have this intermittent problem with my clutch pedal. When I press on the clutch pedal it makes a sort of 'clunking' noise, it happens as you start to press the clutch? no other problems with the clutch or cable apart from this noise?
  20. aterro

    fob problems again. POST 17 update

    right my old fob didnt work so i bought one of ebay that was suppose to be working. they both flash and do the flash 4 times thing and im using the seat manual programming and its not having no affect on the car. no closing of the door. am i doing something wrong? if not whats the...
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