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  1. J@mes W

    Doctor G... the search is over!

    Well where do i begin, my name is James, i'm 28 years old and i work as a design engineer in Colchester. I joined this forum in anticipation of buying a LCR. After owning an E36 BMW for a couple of years i appreciate the technical information at your disposal when you're a member of a good...
  2. james walker

    engine noise update?

    thought id start a new thread to make thing easier as the other got a little congested right, basically i have a whistling/whining noise from engine bay, more whistling. had a split hose under inlet manny, sorted and fixed that today, full service done today by myself aswell... took the...
  3. Subbies Ibiza mk4

    Okay been a member for couple of months now and had my car for just short of a year and i have decided it was about time i got on with spending all my money on it haha. So its a seat ibiza mk4 1.4 sport. its my first car, so first things first i got an fr rear bumper and face lift front...
  4. widearch

    project stealth 2002 LCR(update pg4 with pics)

    Hey everyone well i have been looking for a while to fill the void that lossing the bmw left, well after alot of searching and great timing i now am th eproud owner of a 2002 seat leon cupra r , its the 210bhp model its already had a complete stainless stell exhaust system put on as well as...
  5. ell0070

    Jersey's only ovni LC????....Engine cover painted

    Hi all Been a member for a while, and there's a few pics dotted around the forums, so I thought it was about time they were all in one thread. Not too many Mk1 LC/LCRs in Jersey, and I've never seen another ovni one, so maybe I am "highlander".......:lol: Mods so far Interior Alpine...
  6. My Mk4 Cupra Now Sold

    Spec: Wheels: Compomotive MO alloys in Matt Black Interior: Standard Cupra interior Boost gauge & oil temp in A piller Suspension & handling: Weitec Coilvers Whiteline rear ARB Braking: Standard Seat Sport AP racing 4 pot calipers with HEL braided hoses Ferodo DS 2500 front...
  7. edewer

    Ed's '54 ibiza Cupra - Platinum Grey

    Since i've been a member for a while i thought it was time to start a readers rides thread. no clean pictures at the min as i need to get them off my old laptop. So, having grown unbelievably sick of my 206 Quicksilver i started looking for something new. Have always liked the look of the...
  8. Jam_Cupra

    Update on my MK4 Ibiza Cupra - Blueflame Exhaust & Boost Gauge

    took some updated pics and a video today.... last week I had a blueflame cat back exhaust fitted which I got off ebay for £285 delivered. Must say, well impressed with the look and sound of it, not too loud when pottering around but when you put your foot down it gives off a nice roar. Had to...
  9. brightsideteeem

    Robs Imperial Blue TDI: has gone

    So I thought I'd make a thread to show my progress and show off my Leon, now I have regualar internet access! Its nothing to special, mainly a record of things I have done, and future plans, (to see if i actually do them:lol:) i have in mind. I bought my car in November 07, with 78K on the...
  10. ecosse1986

    My mk4 ibiza sport - UPDATE 09/07/11

    well here she is finally after 15posts lol
  11. beezertart

    help before i torch the bloody thing! UPDATE

    morning all, brain picking time:D had the bitch serviced last week as due,anyway got her back thurdsay with half a tank still in her,drove her around a bit,she did feel a bit like she had a stutter like slight fuel starvation,minor flat spots. no major distances driven though, watched the...
  12. shantybeater

    My Cupra replacement - M Roadster - 3 Piece BBS update

    Hey peeps, well i've moved away from the VAG scene altogether, decided rather than spanking 2k on engine work on the Ibiza (that id never see again) I'd go for something slightly more 'sensible'. I imagine its not to everyones taste but here's some pics: (comments welcome either way)...
  13. Seat software update

    Hi! I checked my "may'be" faulty MAP today, took the ECU apart and concluded that is wasnt other chip or any welds at all. So must be purely OBD. So my plan is to take the car to Seat to put back an original map. Is that possible at all? I assume I just can say I want the latest updates...
  14. CupraElliott

    Elliott's MK3 Ibiza Cupra Update * carnage has begun*

    Onto my second Cupra now, I must be mad :D Bough this after the Cupra Was a gorgeous car, but I needed some fun again and for the mpg it did I could have had something much faster. So up for sale it went, was looking for a swap for either a LCR or another Cupra. A month down the line...
  15. Tfsi_Mike

    TFSI Mikes Stage 2+ Cupra

    Will try and find time to do a propper write up. Well happy with the car but as always wanting more more more! :P Heres a couple of quick snaps..
  16. Rocky Rocastle

    Rocky's Readers Rides Reignited - 06/10/2010 welcome Cupra number 3

    I've been part of the Seat scene for 15 months now and I have to say,even with some niggles along the way i've loved all of it so far. I started with the below 1.8t Ibiza Cupra, bought it in January 2008 and I had it approx 12 months. Don't get me wrong, I loved it but with it being 99% of the...
  17. cupra_tan

    Mk1 Imperial Blue Leon Cupra: UPDATE - NOW DEBADGED!!

    Hi guys. Finally got round to washing my cupra, so thought id take some pics and get them on here :) I bought it from my brother about 3 months ago and im absolutely loving it!!! Hope you guys like. Cheers Tanya
  18. My Imperial Blue Leon Mk1 TDI 110 - :.:update pg4 :.:

    i picked up my what was ment to be a daily car last month but after driving it every day then getting into the polo i have decided its time to get the dub bug out of me and sell up the polo and start on the leon :D the polo is being put back to standard and the leon is getting all the...
  19. Craigus

    Craigus's Black LCR project thread (Recent update )

    I have sold the leon FR.... In with the new... Black Leon cupra r 1.8 20vt (225) Im glad im back on the petrol now :P, these photos are from the advert, i need to get some proper ones sorted. Cheers Craig
  20. Diverter Valve failure i think...pls help?! *update*

    so the other day i was connectin up to a highway, passed another car quite quickly in do so. moments later...i was tryin to go foot flat and the revs took forever to climb unlike before. i initially thought it was the heat as we did have quite a summer day. nonetheless it persisted later on...
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