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  1. vwbassett

    Leon Cupra R & Replacement - CD changer/Boot box tray FOR SALE!!!

    Hi, Bought this last week off a fellow member. I had been looking for leon sport/cupra's last year then decided on a facelift cupra and as i didnt get anything sorted last summer i waited till now to buy a Cupra R with all the bits so i didnt need to mod it. Bought it with 60,000 on the clock...
  2. _chris_


    Heres my 2005 LCR now with working photos.....I hope
  3. Nev_LCR

    My LCR Progress Thread ** a day of detailing**

    Spec is in my sig, just done a few bit recently, sorry crap pics next to my house. 3 years old and done a masive 17k miles :D *****Removed picture breaches SCN advertising rules.
  4. Reuvers

    Dutch 2002 Cordoba Cupra Sold!

    Well I am guessing some of you have seen me around here, however I never really posted many pictures of my car. So this is how far I have gotten till now... Opions are more than welcome This is how I bought her last November completely standard. [/IMG] Now its like this...
  5. stani540

    Stani's Imperial Blue Mk3 Ibiza Cupra

    Right well bought my cupra 2 weeks ago and thought id start a progres thread! here it is as i got it. Here is the spec: Revo Stage 1 Bilstein Shocks Lowered 30mm on Eibach Springs Cat Back Milltek Exhaust System Boost Gauge so the project began and i got a civic...
  6. Ibiza125

    My new Ibiza project (UPDATE: 19/4/09, post 59)

  7. bertrum's black&kiwi 'biza - vinyl!

    Thought it was about time to start a thread on my past and present Ibiza's. Only 19, and on my third! Starting off with my first car, "hand-me-down" from mother dearest; Never really took any pictures of her until it came time to sell. 1.2 12v! Served me well, college and back everyday. Even...
  8. ScottHmk4 - 1.2 Cupra replica (Now Sold)

    From beginning to now
  9. Black 1M Toledo (Angel Eyes, Black/Red Theme-ed) *Update*

    I'm just continuing my Project/Work log here. So to say, I really like modding the little bits! "A Seat Toledo, (Black) Non-facelifted Model, and I think it's year 2003. My dad bought the car for me to use my daily college journey. With 110,000km on the mileage, I think it got alot of things...
  10. tarzan

    tarzans ibiza cupra revo stage 2 update 03.04

    hi there:)my name is sindre and i`m from norway and this is my cupra the car has a new remap at ts raceing in norway forge dump ramair filter(want a new one. some mods to the bonnet,grill,front bumper and rhe rear. sorry my bad english:shrug: hope someone understands me:( future...
  11. JamesE

    MK3 Ibiza Cupra *update K03s*

    Hey there people been a member on here since i have owned my Cupra and have finally decided to post some pics up of it!! I absolutly love it great fun to drive. Let me know what you think Hope you all like When i first got the car At chipped UK gettin remapped...
  12. markmeus

    Mark's mk3 Ibiza, mk5 Ibiza mk2 Leon FR - NEW CUPRA 300 Ordered

    Click here for the mk5! NEW Click here for the mk2 Leon FR! Ok ok, I know it's not a Cupra, but given that insurance companies rape young drivers, I settled for a 1.4 Had it over a year now and so far not done very much to it. But here are some pics as it is now, and I have a few things...
  13. R 20vt J

    R_20vt_J's White Ibiza cupra! Update on last page :)

    I thought i would start a thread for my cupra! Opinions welcome! More pics will be coming as i have a lot of plans Got a private plate, cat back and lcr splitter fitted Then chaged the wheels Then changed thm back lol I had an accident and i am now looking...
  14. Cuprar210,djm:Progress Thread- Update, now with remap.

    The first pics of my LCR from dealers forecourt....bought it for 8250 Oh, and heres the car i sold to buy the Leon Anyway have alook and let me know what you think. I'm loving her everyday i get to drive her. Just got to smarten a few bits up and she'll be perfect...
  15. gb

    greigs 03 onvi lcr seats all washed pg 6

    heres another 2
  16. Mr_Dave

    Mr_Dave's Ovni Yellow LCR

    Everything below and up to page 20 is old - the Ibiza was sadly written off in Jan 2009. The continuation of the thread and ownership of my Ovni Yellow Leon Cupra R is from here http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=156679&page=20 ------------------------- Picked her up on the 31st...
  17. tashacupra

    IHI twin scroll build, Mani finished at last! New problems to sort.

    Hi all, right i've finaly started the ball rolling with my BT conversion it's going to be a top mounted twin scroll turbo and i'm now in the process of getting all the bit's together to fabricate my equal lenght manifold, but before i start i thought i would ask you lot your opinion on a couple...
  18. r8byb

    Fitted new plugs, now limp mode, update working again :|

    Right had new plugs fitted today some bosch ones with a 0.35mm gap. has been fine for 60 odd miles then just coming home giving it a bit of death as you do, it goes into limp mode and unline before it wont come out, ive got 4 new BKR7E's so im going to fit them tomorrow instead of these Bosch...
  19. Craigus

    Craigus's Leon FR+..New pics with canon 30th)

    Well i thought, seen as though im a newbie, i would make a thread were i could keep progress of my Leon, so here goes... Heres my car as i bought it ..... 06 Seat Leon Fr+ in Luna Grey.... :p Then i gave it a quick clean, and took some quick pics, i took quite a few arty ones, as...
  20. remaped and turned off? (LIMP MODE?) UPDATE 2

    Right My car has induction kit, forge 007p recirc and miltek exhaust with sports cat fitted. It runs about 5 or so PSI no more. It also idles high at 1500rpm- whihc I am still investigating.. maybe iscv? IF my car has been remapped and it turned off- how do I find out and how...
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