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  1. r8byb

    Update on my problem, BKR7E question 2nd page..

    Right firstly my original explanation and problem can be seen here in this thread, along with a video of what the car is doing aswell. http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=152070 Right, today ive been over to see SuperCupra who firstly looked on vagcom and only fault found was...
  2. Jam_Cupra

    **Update** HIDs, Forge Split-r valve and Euro Plates

    Just a little update, I fitted a forge split-r valve during the week and fitted my hid's yesterday and I must say it's £47 well spent. Had the plates on there a couple of weeks. Had some already without the euro logo on them until one decided to fall off so spent the extra pennies to get the...
  3. Damoegan

    A quick update of my cupra

    I've done a few mods this month so I thought that I'd show them off :D A new head unit, center armrest and boost gauge Then someone done this to my grill So I got one of these And lets not forget the [B]P-Torque remap[B] :p Next mods are a panel filter and a bloody good...
  4. Altech

    Altech's Ibiza, Replacement Is Here! Can You Guess What It Is? Pg 33

    I've had the car for nearly 6 months and have done a few bits to it, Here's how it looked when i got it, totally standard. The first mod i did was to paint the calipers. I then wanted 17" alloys as i didn't like the standard wheels. i bought a set of vRS alloys. The wheels...
  5. ECU Update

    I've had my FR TFSI since March 07 & it will soon be going in for it's 2nd service, how do you know or find out if the ECU requires a software upgrade & if it does how it further enchance's the ECU ? just want to find out as I don't want the stealer fobbing me off.
  6. josh263uk

    Formula Sport: matt black vinyl in place 04/02/10

    Well, thought id put a couple of picture on here, now its clean. Just a quick wash and wax today. More plans in the future, like, cupra exhaust, strut brace, lowered, to name a few bits, but have to get it past the other half, she wants a house:) run out of tyre gel:( Thanks...
  7. craig87

    Update on hids!!!!!!!!

    Right i fitted my relay this morning so i could get my hids running directly of the battery and hay ho its now working, there is no dial issues etc the computer does not reset itself. However........ I am still getting a prob with my lights, when i switch to sidelights my hids stay on...
  8. Damoegan

    Damoegan's Mk4 Ibiza Cupra

    Ok, a bit of history first. I had a 51' Nissan Almera 1.8SE that I got in 2004 and then in june this year I got myself a 96' Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo, with the intension of selling the Almera. But the Almera took time to sell, so I ended up putting them both op for sale at the same time as...
  9. Standard 2002 Silver Seat Leon Cupra

    i thought i would post up some updated pics of my leon cupra and the mods i have carried out over the last 10 months since i got it . comments are welcome And here is pics of it at E38 with all the mods fitted this year Cheer for the pic Icy Here is a spec list of the...
  10. owen lcr

    Update on my LCR

    Ok had a look at the turbo, and unless i am very much mistaken i think the turbo is :censored::censored::censored:...i take it when you grab the impellor it should not move? it moves about half an inch forward and back.. please confirm folks????? cheers owen
  11. str8ballin

    Project Polo turbo update.... + a few questions!

    Hello all, Finally nearly finished my polo 1.8t conversion, I just need the Exhaust and remap. Here's my spec so far: AYP engine, gearbox & ECU (156hp) K04-23 Turbo & Manifold S3 injectors + MAF (225hp) S3 Fuel pump (225hp) Forge FMIC Forge TIP & Split R D/V 4BAR FPR I am...
  12. Guinness

    Ibiza 1.2 Headlight Update!

    Well as you may all have seen by the 2 posts about this I have been putting in dual headlamps and a HID kit into my 1.2 beeza. Anyway ITS DONE ! WOOOOOOP The lights where aligned this morning and should be spot on when I go out with em on tonight lol. Dual headlamps much better, and what...
  13. Gm8

    my£300 ibiza project update .

    i think most of ya saw it when i got it , but heres some progress . the rusty arches have been dealt with : the rusty / chavy rear end has been sorted : and the wheels were in such a bad way :( need a proper refurb , but gotta keep to my budget till its motd , so a lick of...
  14. jonnyash

    fr 170 superchips remap update

    after having it done on friday overall very pleased in gear acceleration is unbelieveable! from 40 to 80 in forth is unreall :D. had a few niggles on saturday with it hesatating under acceleration have spoken to superchips who instantly asked could i take it up to their HQ and stick it on their...
  15. update .remap

    just quick note on remapped fr mk2 diesel. ok upto now 6000mls covered since remap had service done since no probs.. probably using 2-3mpg more at 80mph no dpf problems as such :)
  16. Skinfakse

    TFSI Official engine update!

    Today I had my Leon TFSI updated with the new official engine update... and boy, if it really "only" had 185hp before, then it surely has 200hp now! Wow it´s faster than ever before... :D
  17. bigfella_V5

    Just wanted to update you all (inc pics)

    Well after around 3 months of owning the Toledo I have done the following (other than a good clean): Car has now only done 38k from new so is pretty mint. 18" RS4 Nuvolari Style wheels with Seat centre caps. Headlight protectors. Upgraded headlight / foglight bulbs. Infinity Basslink II...
  18. APR Stage 3 Update

    Just thought I'd give a brief update of this conversion thus far. I've now covered approx 1000 miles in the Golf the first UK converted example. I picked the car up 3 weeks ago and recently took it back to Awesome for some alterations mainly to the APR code. The recirculation pump was taken...
  19. Cupra R

    Update from my dealer

    Dealer has just phoned today (after firstly having to phone them again) to say the car is confirmed built (apparently week 17!!!) so 2.5 weeks ago, his words. All that is required is it shipping over, hopefully they are chasing it up further tomorrow to get an idea of dates etc. I think...
  20. Update on Pedro

    Hi Chaps and Chappesses! Thought i would give you a quick update on my ownership of my 07 Cupra. Now have 2,700 on the clock, had the alloy i kerbed repaired by the "man in the van" at the dealers £45 well spent, can't tell it was ever done. On the case about trying to get a revo remap (see...
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