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  1. emlyn11

    emlyn11's mk3 cupra build ..... For sale very shortly :(

    Current SPEC: 2001 mk3 Ibiza Curpa Black Engine: REVO stage 2 software SPS3 Controller Universal FMIC 3" Blueflame Downpipe with race cat Milltek 2.5" Cat-back with twin pipe backbox Forge 007p N249 bypass (I'm convinced it's wrong) Forge black Turbo intake pipe Custom induction mods...
  2. Spud_G40

    Spud_G40's BT Mk3 Cupra - FOR SALE

    Hey, Been on the forum a few years now, decided I would put some pictures up of my car, Had a Polo G40 before this hense the name, and bought my car after looking around on here. Here is my wee G40 Heres what My Ibiza looked like when I bought it back in July 06' Spec when...
  3. Threesome [Photoshoot] - Update...

    2+1 (: The Seat's arent mine (mine is at home with no clutch :(), but the girl is mine :)
  4. 1.9...stefan

    Stefan's TDI toledo... NEW CAR PICS

    My toledo, doesnt need the big intro that was here.... purchased 5th november 2008.. first post updated 26th august 2009 so first mod was a full interior, minus door cards out of a 05 leon fr... this was done on the second day of ownership Secondly i decided to tint my rear lights, i was...
  5. Manifold/Turbo Setup - **UPDATE: FIXED**

    Hi people Had my local mechanic visit me yesterday to try and sort out my blowing downpipe/manifold on my mk4 ibiza cupra T 180. On inspection he seems think its blowing from the top of the downpipe/manifold area where it connects to the turbo, he could only here it but cound not feel a...
  6. DaleGT

    Ibiza Cupra MK3 Blue SOLD :(

    Hi everyone and thanks for your welcomes on the newbie thread :D I picked up my 1st Cupra last week, i'm well chuffed with it, there are a couple of little bits that need some TLC but other than that its great :D I do have a few plans for it, but dont know were to start, i'm like a kid in...
  7. MartyP's Cupra - Update :)

    Hey guys, i've been floating on this website for a while now and i must admit a lot of useful tips/info here. I recently bought myself a cupra... which is a big step for me as i've been driving mini's/VW all my life :blink: Anyway here's what i've been playing with the last few weeks...
  8. Paint code: matching original paint? (UPDATE)

    well i went past a panel beater earlier to get them to check out a bad scratch on my front bumper, side door dent and various surface scratches around the car. they commented that they shall press out the dent, polish out most of the scratches and respray a small part of the bumper to fix up...
  9. Emz

    MK2 Arosa Sport - Update!

    Hi! Well I only picked it up yesterday and already love it! It's a '03 Seat Arosa 1.4 16v Sport in black. Completely standard with the exception of the Scorpian back exhaust. These are the only pics I have of it at the mo, with the bf's Lupo GTi :)
  10. Im new so i show my Leon ( Update)

    Got the Updated pics on the underside of my thread. Take a look at it and give me some Feedbacks. Thx. Greez Mind
  11. wilz

    Wilz Ibiza Cupra R

    Well here goes my new car hopefully the successor to my old green machine mk2 ibiza. Seat ibiza cupra r with 43000 miles on the clock not to shabby if i dont say so myself. So far as i know is a supersprint exhaust, k1 variant coilovers normad pillar boost guage...
  12. trotters

    my new ride

    well no more ibiza cupra :( will be missed been a ace wee car well here it is i have gone to the dark side of vtec and love it lol must say it is one of the best cars i have had feels like new and geting very good mpg out it way beter then the cupra... its a fresh inport and am the 1st...
  13. gib20vt

    UPDATE - knocking noise

    Slight problem...but unsure what it is?? I have had this on going knocking noise comin from the front end when turning, mainly happens if I am going over uneven road surface whilst turning (pulling into juctions etc...) at the weekend I was in scotland and driving down a cobbled street and the...
  14. Owl

    MK4 ibiza tdi - UPDATE

    my seat ibiza... washed polished and waxed it so thought i'd take a few pics and then a few at some venues just around the corner from mine...... comments welcome..
  15. lm_gauci

    My Mk3 Imperial Blue Ibiza Cupra * Final Update 30/5/10*

    Right, had my car for a while now so thought id post up a few pics of its progress :) Bought the car standard with 40k miles back in June this year Pretty much kept it standard apart from a few things i had left from my old Cupra 15mm Eibach Rear Spacers Seat Sport strut brace...
  16. DaNnY_LaD

    k03s not meeting full boost (All Fixed)

    I just got my k03s this morning... And am gonna fit it my self...I have a good enough idea on what todo.. do i remove tip and undo Downpipe to the wastegate then Undo the 3 3 bolts to the manifold... Then is there a oil return feed to the turbo ? Does that simple unscrew and there 2...
  17. will_ainsworth

    my flash red ibiza cupra 1.8t **update ko3s and jabba map underway!*** page4

    my last car, 106gti went last night, saw this one for sale, thought i would go have a look, and loved it! pretty standard, bar backbox, 17inch rims(forgot the name of them!) wrapped in proxies and lowered 40mm on spax. heres some pics... plans include... hid's leon...
  18. vwbassett

    Track Day Special - Finished 19/04/09

    Hi All, As this is my real pride and joy i thought id add some pictures and details. Its not a SEAT so dont shoot me :) but i have got the LCR as the daily driver. As an avid karter including BUKC and track day fan i decided with my Dad to build a mainly track focused car so we dont ruin...
  19. NickyJam

    NickyJams FR TDi 5dr - gone but never forgotten

    SOLD as follows: Audio - Pioneer MVH-8200BT - standard tweeters in rear doors (8 speaker setup) Interior - chrome gear surrounds - SEAT Sport door sills - glove box light - w8 interior light - centre sun visor - TT pedals - FR mats Engine & Performance - PD160 intake - SEAT...
  20. ian_cupra's progression thread - track time

    Right then guys, about time i put everything in one place :) Here it was, a week after i bought it
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