1. Brembo front caliper upgrade - SEAT Ibiza 6L FR

    Hello All Just wondered if anyone has done the conversion before, what sort of cost it was and how much of a pain in the arse it is? Running a 220+ 6L FR and want to do the brakes before I go stage 2. Any recommendations appreciated!. How many pistons were the MK1 Leon Cupra R calipers and what...
  2. Woody_72

    Brake system A guide to replacing the rear pads and discs (272 mm) on a Mk. 3 Leon with independent rear suspensi

    A guide to replacing the rear pads and discs (272 mm) on a Mk. 3 Leon with independent rear suspension: The only difficult bit about this job is removing the caliper carrier bolts. The factory tightening spec is 66 ft/lbs plus 90 degrees which is very tight indeed. If the fasteners are rusty...
  3. Lozzy15

    Brake system Fitting Audi RS3 Brake ducts to Cupra 280

    Purpose of the Brake ducts is to direct airflow from the front of the car onto the Brake Disks so that if you are doing a lot of braking or track work it helps to keep the brakes at a better temp. I have just been told some of the smaller brake systems may have issues with fowling on the...
  4. Matt Norrie

    Brake pedal hard to press after acceleration

    I noticed the other day whilst i was driving that the brake pedal was hard to push after acceleration. The pedal goes hard when i first push it after accelerating then returns to normal when i release and push it again. It feels very similar to when you push the pedal when the engine is off. I...
  5. 2012 leon fr handbrake issue!

    Hi all! I've recently replaced a OSR calliper on my leon for being siezed. I replaced the rear discs and pads also! However since I noticed the handbrake did not feel great and had a bit too much travel. Seems to be binding (working harder) on the OSR. I checked the adjustment mechanism to...
  6. Rear Disc Brakes

    After my recent service I was advised that my rear discs were slightly warped. Been noticing it more now especially slowing down from 60/70mph. Was wondering if anyone on here has changed the rear discs and pads on the MK3 leon? Is it simple enough? Cheers Andy
  7. Lee_FR140

    Brakes, Clutch & Hydraulics

    Evening Folks, Looking for some help.. From time to time, the car feels like the rear calipers are not releasing fully causing it to feel sluggish. When this happens, the handbrake also feels like it has somewhat less resistance when pulled. Coincidentally, when this happens, the clutch pedal...
  8. RSA

    Brake Advice

    I've got a Cupra 280 and I need some new brakes. I was thinking of getting some DS2500 pads but i'm unsure if I should marry it up with the oem discs or something more heat resistant. I live in the city and don't take it on track but I DRIVE my car and like it to have good stopping power...
  9. Front brake pads & discs

    Can someone link me a pair of front brake pads and discs as when looking online, so many different sizes come up. Especially ECP, dont want to order wrong parts. Not after performance or anything. Seat ibiza fr 1.2tsi 2015
  10. Caliper pipe corroded

    I have MK1 Cupra R Brembo calipers. On one the metal pipe is corroded. I need to get a new one of these pipes or get a custom braided hose that would replace the metal pipe. I was looking at getting custom brake lines made but don't know what fittings I need on each side of the braided hoses.
  11. Brakes

    Hi, just after some advice Im looking to change my front brakes and want to know which brake discs and pads are decent. Looking on euro car parts theres so many to choose from. I do a lot of motorway miles & im not after performance. if someone could link me to some decent sets on eurocarparts...
  12. 68 plate SEAT Ibiza FR brakes

    Hi, Has anyone else got a new SEAT Ibiza FR with issues with the brakes, maybe not being as sharp as you’d hoped or just the breaks not being there all together:blink:? Or any problems with the brake master cylinder ? Thanks, Megan
  13. Corrosion on front brake discs

    I've had a Seat Ateca for just over a year (registered April 2017) and noticed a juddering when braking. My local garage had a look and said there was some rust on the discs so I took it to the dealer who confirmed this. I said that this should not have happened after only 15,000 miles so they...
  14. 2008 Ibiza Mk4 1.9 TDI ABS problem

    So I've had this problem for a while now and need some help diagnosing further. I will put a disclaimer right here that I do not have a huge amount of knowledge or experience in car mechanics so am very much a novice to these things. All the info I have right now is from investigating myself and...
  15. JoshoRH

    Bocanegra Brake Discs?

    Hello! Just joined the forums today and I’m in the process of buying myself a 61 plate Bocanegra (6J). I have had a test drive in the car today and these cars kick out a lot of power but I noticed that the discs are a bit worn and the breaking distance wasn’t really that great... I was...
  16. andy_lang

    TT Turbo fit an LC & RS4 Brakes?

    Hi all, Just wondering if a Mk1 TT, 225 Turbo will fit my 2001 LC (non R). Mates upgrading so I can nab his turbo, intercooler etc etc. Is it possible to fit with some cunning / FMIC etc? Also wana do a big brake upgrade, what brakes and calipers would fit? Im looking at some RS4 at...
  17. Dave_88

    312mm brakes behind 16s?

    As above. Ive got an awesome plan for the leon but need to know if you can squeeze 312mm brakes behind 16s first :D Thanks in advance Dave
  18. McDonutz

    Brembo brakes

    Will the brembos from the cupra fit onto the 1.8 leon (with LCR rims attached)? I want to get mine upgraded but I don't know exactly what I should be getting (I'm new to this stuff)
  19. Rubbish brakes

    Ok done a search, and none really match my problem. Not had the car long, it came with TT brakes. The discs and pads where badly needing changed so i put the rubbish brakes down to this. Brand new discs and pads all round still rubbish! They feel not bad when braking from high speed, but...
  20. owen lcr

    cupra vs s3 rear brakes

    what is the differance between the leon cupra and audi s3 rear brake setup? cheers
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