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Aimez's mk4 Tdi FR Ibiza

Can't tell yet only drive 2 miles home lol and to bed them in I have to be careful for 100 miles need to do random drives!

Go for a blat donwn a long straight (couple of miles) get the car up to temp, then from 60 break down to 20 then allow to cool, then the same again. After allowing to cool do the same from 80 a couple of times. ive done this on all my cars/vans and you will find the brakes are better for it. Does smell a bit too........

Ibiza 130 tdi

Black Magic
Jan 15, 2007
I see you havent painted the middle of your discs, when they get wet or you use chemicals, it'll take the coating off and go rusty.

But those brakes look great! Makes the car look a bit more mean too ;) Looks spot on :)

Ad Lav

Nov 10, 2006
Its been good weather, don't women normally wear less when its hot... ;)

Car does look good Aimez, like the driver :D
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