Car completly fixed and ROLLING ROAD RESULTS!!!!!

Yeh jonjay, i thought the same thing i was thinking maybe the road has not operated properly, but he rolled it 4 times all within a couple ft lbs of each other and bhp. Once i had finished a boy with a supercharged civic type r went on, he made 10 bhp more than he had done previously with a new cold air feed. 381bhp serious power, but like under half the torque of mine HAHA. He was slagging me off for having a tractor. But did say they were immense figures
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I think only one image will work here guys but heres the figures


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Jan 6, 2009
Aw right no bother mate. Well thats them, it certainly feels a lot faster than my stage 1, and nice and smooth. Its a very weird feeling. But i'm happy with it:) Especially now everything is sorted

did you get any money back in the end? it has put me off using JBS after how they have treated you. Shame too as they are only up the road from me!
Nah no money back mate. £800 dpf delete, £106x2 EGT sensors= £212 £40 to local mechanic for fitting two sensors. £113 for lambda sensor today freely fitted by Jerry at CC and the map was then checked over. And 100%. So that's £1165. But now t's done the car feels great! But very costly!


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Aug 16, 2007
If im honest i think CC have a slighlty higher gain than AMD in general as CC are quite conserrvative on there gains and i have heard AMD are the opposite, but i may be wrong!

if i get AMD to do it i will ask them to push for as much as possible :p
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