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DaNnY_LaD's HTA-Gt2868R Big turbo Build(Now @ AKS Tuning)

Murdered LCR

Wide mouthed mofo
Sep 9, 2006
Murder Inc.
Pile of **** wheels sell them huge adapters wobbling all over the place under 400bhp niceeeeeee track wheels you need even Alex agrees stop being a northern twat :)


Big Turbo Leon Cupra R
Jun 2, 2007
Wheels and bodywork are something I'm gonna be looking in to over Xmas and new year,I've spent enough already and my man concern is the working of the car,

Alex has done a fantastic job once again the clutch is all fitted along with a new slave cylinder,from what Alex is saying as its all spot on no unwanted noises and he's drove it out the work shop.. So if he's happy am happy..

There's a few niggles to sort for the mot next Saturday,but once that's done il tax it and that ready to be run in and mapped ...

He did say my exhaust is mega loud just on idle so under 30 psi :-/ hahaha...

Glad it's nearly complete as its been a long journey IMO for me really and my wallet...
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Nov 24, 2009
Car looks sweet mate glad its getting there

i like those wheels you get them power coated black chrome will look amazing!
Oct 21, 2006
Everything is crossed for you Danny. There's probably nobody more deserving of a bit of reliability!Good luck with the early miles and then onto enjoying the car for what it is all about :)