Dave's Little 1.4 TSI LEON MK2 (Warning Pic Heavy)


• Forge Blow Off Adapter
• Forge ShortShifter
• Forge Carbon Open AirFilter
• Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust (Powerflow)
• Custom Remap (edited)

I was semi happy with the results Its still an increase and not a downfall but wondering about the mapping hmm...back to the drawning board.

I study and live in Mexico and own the same car!! I am from Las Vegas and go on breaks and for the weekend. My question is where can I buy these parts online and have them shipped to the states?? I cant find any site with performance parts for the 1.4 TSI?? Thanks a million


please help me :((.....i have a leon 1.4 TSI and I have a big problem at the gearbox.....im from Romania and this is a big problem :)))) in 2009 i bought it new new from Dona Seat dealership.The gearbox broke at 12k and they didnt replace it with a new gearbox.since they repaired it the gearbox has been repaired at every 12k.a new gearbox in Romania is about 3500 euro.....can anyone help me find a good gearbox for my car?the gearbox tipe is CAX .The car is very good but the dealership doesent give a **** about it's customers :((


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Feb 4, 2010
Hello my friend, have you logged the IAT before and after the FMIC installation? did it improve the car's behaviour?

also as far as the Hybrid turbo, where did you make it? does it work good until now?
after remap have you seen more HP?

Thank you!!


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Jan 18, 2011
Rev1, mate, its awesome job you did!!! thanks from many 1.4tsi lovers)) waiting for new posts! and more, more video and photo please;)


Hi thanassis, there is no FMIC, just the oem air to water cooler. Hybrid turbos are good for about 190-200 hp and about 300 nm on this engine. Also spool up is the same so torque is at very early rpm.


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Oct 10, 2010
Hi rev1... Congrats for your "beast", I have one just like you, 1.4 TSI, stage 1 revo.
Where are you from, exactly?! I'm from Timisoara and I need some tips! Please e-mail me at [email protected] !!

dave.c... Nice car!! ;) I saw you changed the exhaust, do you know what diameter has the standard exhaust? Thanks! :D
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