1. kez

    REQ: closeup pic of LCR bonnet catch required

    my LCR's been off the road for almost a year now, and it's time to get it back on it. however, obviously, the battery has run out and needs changing. however, i am unable to get the bonnet open. the interior handle works, and i've popped it up to the first stage. no amount of prodding...
  2. Pic request - pre facelift with different wheels?

    Sorry to ask but has any one got pics of the MK1 LC pre facelift with different wheels not that the bigger bumpers and skirts are not :p Just not fortunate enough to own one! :D
  3. My road/track car project. VERY PIC HEAVY

    I'm sure this wont bring many good replies lol, but here is my car... Basic spec was: 45mm ITB's 120mm Ram pipes Cat Cam 421's (wildest possible on standard pistons) Standard exh Mani Decat, into a full 2.5" exhaust Lightened flywheel Pico 350cc Injectors Cometic H/G No AC No PAS...
  4. cupragav

    cupragavs LCR progress thread ***few new ideas, comments please***

    Hey people, thought it was about time i done my own readers thread. I have had the car bout 3 years now i bought it completely standard I started to mod it after a couple of months of owning it. To start off with i added the forge 007p which wasnt enough, so i added a bmc cda forced...
  5. rsmith

    Removing Brembo's, Update, refurb finshed, pic's inside

    Hi all, How hard are the Brembo calipers to remove from the car, i assume i just remove the pads, undo the bolts and brake lines and thats it.I searched around but could not find much and i have visions of brake fluid going everywhere. Anyone have expierence with this? Ta
  6. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ultimate Dubs - Pictures (May get pic heavy)

    Just thought I'd post a few pictures from Ultimate Dubs today: Not bothered to edit any of the colour balance are anything.
  8. Pic Request - Red Leon & RS4 Rims?

    Has anyone got 18" RS4's (Newer Version) on a Red Leon? I'm jumping the gun a tad here as i haven't even found a car yet, but my Dad has a set of really nice RS4 rims in his garage and said i can have them when i get my Leon - Thinking of a Red one so would love to get an idea of the wheels...
  9. gemini

    front bumper + lcr splitter? need a pic

    as title says need a picture with standard front bumper with LCR splitter (if that is possible to mount) thanks
  10. daboy3000

    Pic request B Pillar sticker removal

    Thinking of removing the black stickers on the pillars between front and back doors, did this on my old kiwi Ibiza and it looked good, has anyone done this to a Leon? ....and got any pics.
  11. lynchy

    pic request, blue with white wheels + blue with black/anthracite wheels

    i have a metallic blue cupra 180 and im tempted with either white or black wheels. pics would be a great help. i even thought maybe white wheels with white stripes etc along the bottom of the doors? thanks
  12. ets2k9

    De-badged rear pic requst?

    Just have some pics of debadged rears. Thinking of ditching the Leon badge. Cheers Steve
  13. Post your Ibiza Pic's

    Seems theirs a lot of pictures lost in threads now, so feel free to post any car n accessories pictures her. My car should be here on the 20th of this month n seeing a few pictures would help me decide on wheel colour, spoiler, skirts n suspension.
  14. seantdi

    pic request! dash switches.. heated seats

    hi all. i was wondering if anyone could post up a picture of factory fitted heated seat switches and retro fitted switches. i got an s3 interior but the switches dont fit in right. the left hand one had to be put in upside down. replaced the dash cup holder.. i could only find part numbers for a...
  15. standard arb pic request.

    for a 180 cupra? a random request i know, but im unsure if my arb is standard or not. was told it was an eibach one when i got the car, but it rubs awful and looks standard. as dirty as the rest of the underneath, plain black with no markings. i was expecting an eibach item to be silver or...
  16. AviTurbo

    how to remove metal clip around gear knob (pic included)

    hi, i tried to replace the gear gaitor but couldn't remove the knob because of this metal clip around it someone have any clue how can i get rid of it??? and once i remove it , do i have to buy a new one from the dealer ? thanks
  17. attila_tdi

    Hit a pheasant - need a grille

    Unfortunately I hit a pheasant at 60mph and hit the poor fella head on. In return he's done considerable damage to the front grill It looks like the front grill is one piece as the centre fins are flimsy as well. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for this? And how...
  18. Broken spring :( pic!

    Hey, have been posting this weekend looking for tyre advice and also what could be wrong with my front suspension as the knocking and clucking was getting worse then got much worse! Got it up, had a quick look and didnt take long to see what was wrong.... New spring + shock ? Anything...
  19. aterro

    coilover popped up? with picture. NEW QUESTION WITH PIC

    well not sure how it did it or when. any ideas? ............ is this the right order? plastic washer bumpstop then the rest? if so it keeps doing the same thing and popping through the floor? what should i do?
  20. Trublu07

    Mk1 leon pic request

    Ello Does anyone have a pic of their M1 Leon with the rear bumper off. Don't really fancy taking mine of in this weather and am considering a parking sensor for my Lcr. Many thanks.
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