1. My road/track car project. VERY PIC HEAVY

    I'm sure this wont bring many good replies lol, but here is my car... Basic spec was: 45mm ITB's 120mm Ram pipes Cat Cam 421's (wildest possible on standard pistons) Standard exh Mani Decat, into a full 2.5" exhaust Lightened flywheel Pico 350cc Injectors Cometic H/G No AC No PAS...
  2. Heavy seats.

    wasted 10 minutes of my life weighing the front, rear seats and seatbelts today - 83.5 kg new seats, mountings, harness etc about 28kg, so my car is 55.5 kg lighter - result.:)
  3. Ultimate Dubs - Pictures (May get pic heavy)

    Just thought I'd post a few pictures from Ultimate Dubs today: Not bothered to edit any of the colour balance are anything.
  4. powersteering light came on and the steering became extremely heavy

    Ok ,so this is the second time ive had this problem ,basically i was driving round an island doing about 10mph and my powersteering light came on and the steering became extremely heavy. It happened again a few days later. Recently my ABS light has been coming on even though im not even...
  5. ib04tom

    Mk4 FR long over due update

    Not had the ibiza long really and over winter not be arsed to do much but now i got the ball rolling.Anyway prev car was a 306 1.9 dturbo Had a fair few things done but wont go into it on here Have to say sorry right not for terrible camera phone pics As it is at the mo Picked up some...
  6. heavy steering ??

    Just wanted to check really, since owning my LCR the steering has always been really stiff and heavy compared to any other car i have drove it doesnt bother me now as im quite used to it but my missus was driving the car yesterday and picked up on this too. Its probably just the racing feel i...
  7. LEE69

    Ferrari 458 detail and paint correction. (Pic Heavy)

    Amazing car.... Enjoy. The fist ever detailed Ferrari 458
  8. Is my leon heavy on fuel??

    I think my leon is a bit hard on fuel, not sure. Its a 1.4 stella, mostly just me most of the time. Mixture of motorway miles and secondary roads. And I don't drive it so, nor driving it fast. For a tank of petol getting about 370?
  9. nvidia

    lots of smoke when heavy foot? 1.9 TDI Fr

    the car seems running clean no smoke when ideal, gentle accelerate, but when half throttle, i can see smoke coming out...., is this normal from a diesel car?
  10. Claireey's Ibiza sport (pic heavy)

    Well last week i bought myself an Ibiza TDI sport in grey. its covered 50,000miles with full service history. was a bit of a road trip from Peterhead to Edinburgh but well worth it when i got there. so this week i decided to give the car a good clean and change a couple things. a few dirty...
  11. heatfan8

    Heavy steering

    I just drove my brothers MK4 golf 130 tdi and his steering seems to be much lighter than my leon. I have a 110 tdi. Was there a noticeable difference between the 2 models, or is there something wrong with my steering? Thanks Andy
  12. dump valve seems to sound when under heavy driving sometimes?

    Without lifting my foot off the pedal, any ideas what this could be or has anyone has this happen? Thanks or am i just going mad?
  13. cupramillo

    Handful under heavy braking!

    Had this problem for a while now, was not so bad when i had the standard cupra brakes on, just put it down to the discs being old (had a big lip) and possibly warped. Since i put the brembos on it feel alot worse. Braking hard for a speed camera tonight on the way home and i was seriously...
  14. Gooner_Mike

    DC09 show (loads of pictures)

    Just a few pics I took at DC09 this Sunday. The weather was great (which helps) and there were loads of cars (mainly VWs and BMWs but a few Seats, Skodas and Mercedes too!)
  15. PhilW

    Dinky Dave's Ibiza Pics - PIC HEAVY!

    Took these yesterday, using a Sony A100 DSLR, mostly with the standard 18-70mm kit lens and a circular polizer filter. Some pics were taken using a 35-105mm minolta lens and CPL filter. Hope theyre alright Dave. :think:
  16. Heavy

    Heavy's Mk2 Ibiza GTI Cupra Sport 8v Alpine White

    Here are a few shots of the car that I took the other day. Feel free to comment or ask questions.
  17. artemis_1991

    James' Black MK3 Ibiza - Gone to a new home

    So, thought it was about time I condensed my progress into a thread... Since ive got a 8v 1.4 lump I decided there was NO point in attempting to get any more power so I went down the handling route. First off was new suspension and Weitec HICON GTN's were the order: Front...
  18. RossIBIZATDI

    Is it bad for your car if You've got a heavy load in the car every day

    .. You've got a heavy load in the car every day. For the next couple of weeks I'm taking a few work collegues into work. Average weight is about 13 stone so about 52 stone all together. Got weitec coilovers on. Just wondering if it's doin the shocks or springs any damage or reducing their life...
  19. Mk II Leon heavy stiff steering

    Hello, I bought an '07 Leon 2.0TDI sport about 3 months ago. Only low miles (5K) but very suddenly, maybe over the period of a day or two the steering has become quite stiff and heavy. I bought the car from a VW dealer who did a quick diagnostic check and found no fault with the power...
  20. Pulsebassuk

    MK3 Clutch - is it light or heavy?

    Hey folks, I've been driving 2 different Cupra's today, both MK3's. My own, and SeanyK's Mine is 2000 X Reg, his 2002 '02' Reg. The clutch feels very light on mine in comparison to his, but we don't know if his has been changed before as he has only really just bought the car, and...
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