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Full link activation


Active Member
Jan 16, 2019
Yes already activated then as it works as you suggested. 2018 Cupra R


Active Member
Jan 27, 2020
Okay Sorry what is FULL LINK ACTIVATION and what does it benefit over Android Auto.
I have it but do not use it whatever it does.
Full Link is what gives you the ability to use Android Auto on the head unit.

Jon Wright

Active Member
Apr 17, 2020
OK, just an update, got full link installed yesterday, all good apart from few things, when tried to use mirror link with my new phone Samsung A71 said won't work as stopped on June 1st? Got android auto to work, also only recognises USB lead now and then, going to order another 1 from Samsung direct see if that helps, appreciate any advice or feedback, know I shouldn't complain as got fitted for free,

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