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Goodbye Ibiza FR - Hello .:R32.....


Ibiza PD170
Oct 3, 2007
i plan to do just that, but when i picked the car up when i bought it,

the stealers had drilled the original reg plate into the plastic the twats, so im gonna have to buy new bumper inserts the dont have holes in them
Yeah it's well annoying that. When I bought my rear bumper the previous owner had screwed through the rear valance and the holes showed when I mounted my small plate. I just plastic welded the holes and resprayed the whole piece.

Deleted member 13581

He still has it.

Nothing has changed on it as far as i know.


Detailing freak!
Feb 7, 2008
fife, scotland
cheers dude! :)

ach its been not bad, fixed a few niggles on her and changed a few bits and bobs - at least its kept the millage down!! haha
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