1. chrism84

    Driving modes and remapping

    Hi, I started looking into getting my 2016 Leon Cupra 290 DSG tuned and emailed some garages near me. A couple of the replies I got back have confused me a little and I'm hoping to get some more information / links to better understand. I use my car for my regular commute so one of the things...
  2. Gunnie

    Safe Mode again..........

    Ive done a search and read the book but still banging my head against the wall:( Ive had the battery off and the radio is sayin safe . Its not letting me do anything ie to put my code in it just says safe Please help me:cry:
  3. Mr_Dave

    Valet mode for decat MOT?

    Just wondering if there's a way that I can get round having to put my cats back on for MOT really, as I really can't be fooked with them! I've got an APR switchable map, one of which is valet mode. I'm a total newbie to engine management and have no idea at all whether this is a stupid question...
  4. uzi_cupra

    limp mode

    ok guys, basically my car has been running in limp mode for the past few days a. the engine management light came on so i checked it and the fault was charge pressure control negative deviation, intermittent now all my hoses are fine, the car does not smole at all when in limp mode, i just...
  5. toledo limp mode issue

    Hi , my 2002 Toledo 1.9TDI is going into limp mode again after having the MAP and the other devices, vacuums etc replaced about 18 months ago. diagnostics incdicate pressure control problem. I intend to change the 5mm vacuum pipes could there be anything else causing me this grief. Thankyou. Malc
  6. Random1989

    spark plugs caused limp mode

    Denso Iridium power spark plugs has anyone used these before because my car didnt like them, they made my car go into limp mode. even when the tick over was spot on.
  7. stereo stuck in safe mode ?

    hi . battery went flat on car . my son enterd 3 wrong codes now its stuck in safe mode. i have the right code for it . just cant get it of safe mode..?
  8. RS6

    Can someone explain to me what is limp mode?

    How do you know if its on and in use? is there a dash light? just interested don't see anything in the handbook
  9. Running rough, limp mode, fault codes, heeeellllppp!!

    Right. Unfortuantely had to put some petrol from Total in my car last Saturday. Car has run like a bag of spanners ever since. Misfiring, hesitating, limiting boost showing several fault codes but no actual engine management light: 16621 - Manifold Pressure / Boost Sensor (G31)...
  10. Stereo in safe mode...

    Changed my battery on my 02 reg Leon, now the stereo is showing SAFE then 2000. I know this is the time to enter the code but I never got the code when I bought it. I have seen on the vag-com website it should automatically 'sync' with the car, is this right or will I have to take it to a...
  11. gregorcupra

    Would coolant temp sensor cause limp mode ?

    As above , Im getting limp mode after quite high speed in 5th gear. I scanned for codes and got 16500 - coolant temp sensor. Any one had experience of this and has it caused limp ? Cheers
  12. Leon Cupra TDI limp mode

    Hi all, New to the forum but done a lot of searching to try and find the cheapest way to solve my problem with a 2004 Cupra TDI (ARL). Common problem from what I read but not so simple to resolve: Limp mode most days but hit and miss as to when it happens. Used VAGCOM and got faults...
  13. Ibiza cupra PD160 Revo limp mode in 6th gear

    I'm wondering what is causing my mk4 PD160 ibiza cupra to go into limp mode. It tends to happen at low revs in 6th gear. I don't get any errors and have replaced the MAF about 6 moths ago. It has only happened 4 times, but that is in the last few weeks. I've read the forums and people...
  14. Limp home mode

    Recently purchased (private sale) Cordoba Vario with 1.9 TDi engine 2001. The car has gone into limp home mode and the glow plug light flashing. No other warning lights on. No acceleration Car just sits at 1100rpm.
  15. turbo009

    limp mode

    The other night i hit limp mode (been ages since did) it will hit limp mode then after a few mins will come back on boost My coolant temp was reading 90 which is normal once engine warmed up i know. Then it decided to drop back down then go back up :confused: I know i need a...
  16. Reuvers

    17965 Limp mode. Help would be much appreciated!

    Ok lads, I was having the annoying 17536 (system too lean) problem for quite a while putting me into constant limp mode. Finally bought a new maf which cleared that problem. However I am still running limp, now due to 17965 (positive deviation or overboost as I read on here). This fault...
  17. Ali_Hayes

    valet mode

    Can anyone help was just reading a thread somewhere on here and someone mentioned whilst on holiday he left his cupra in valet mode. Can some one tell me in more detail if a cupra has this function and what it actuall does cheers.
  18. EZ Tutty

    Limp Mode.... Again!

    Hey guys, i keep getting a re-occuring problem.... In 4th n 5th gear, when i hit 20psi, it instantly drops to 10psi, i understand this as limp mode, i normally find playing with the actuator i can get it boosting normally again (normally peaks at 20, and drops to 14, then gradually tails...
  19. Ibiza 110: Ongoing limp mode problems!

    Performance issues following a VNT clean. Hi All Over the past couple of months my Ibiza (110bhp) had been going into limp mode more and more frequently. After searching through the forums I performed the following; Cleaned the MAF Cleaned the EGR Cleaned the inlet manifold I was...
  20. jonnyblease

    Limp Mode after fitting Jetex air filter

    Hi all, I fitted a Jetex filter with a jabbasport heatshield at the weekend, i am very pleased with end result as it feels a lot more responsive and sounds alot deeper and nicer. Also make a few whoosy noises:D. Previously ihad a smoothed airbox with green cotton panel filter. For the...
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