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toledo limp mode issue

Hi , my 2002 Toledo 1.9TDI is going into limp mode again after having the MAP and the other devices, vacuums etc replaced about 18 months ago. diagnostics incdicate pressure control problem. I intend to change the 5mm vacuum pipes could there be anything else causing me this grief. Thankyou. Malc

silver surfer

Full Member
Mar 31, 2006
out there over the edge vw tech
pressure problem

try removing connection to boost pressure switch in top of intercooler behind offside headlight
check wiring and if connections are clean then refit and try as one on my car it falted and i removed and refitted and has been ok since
thanks silver surfer. The cause of the problem finally came to light when I put my foot down. A sudden small bang and loss of pressure - the intercooler pipe had slipped over onto the pulley. New pipe (S/H) now fitted and car runs spot on.
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