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Guide To Fix a Broken Electric Window Switch!


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Aug 20, 2005
I know this was posted MOONS ago but its REALLY helped me out!!! Both my switches had given up the ghost and after following this simple guide....hey presto....ALL are working fine!!

NB: Mine were particularly caked in crap so i used a tiny dab of brasso on a cotton bud to get the gunk off, then wiped down with WD40


Hello everyone
Does anyone know if it’s easy to remove the window's electric switch from seat Ibiza 2009? (driver side)
Do I need to remove the door cover first?
The passenger window is only responding to the passenger’s electric swish and only intermittently responding when auctioned from the driver’s electric switch.
The driver’s window is not responding at all which leads me to believe that the switch need to come out and be cleaned. as show on this post ?


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Sep 25, 2012
Ive taken the passenger side switch off and the internals of the switch are completely different than the ones in the photo im a missing something or is the drivers one different? Thanks


This has been really helpful! Apart from all the silver disks must of feel out, probs why my window didn't work! Does anyone please no where I can get these from or what there called? Or do I just buy a new switch? Or can I use anything else?? Thanks


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Jun 10, 2015
I know this post is real old but thanks so much! Mine was the passenger side and had no prongs, and only two small disks that didn't fly out... But followed the same basic steps and have them a clean... Done!!
It's been a burden for so long, and it took 10 minutes to fix *lol*

Thanks again :)

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Nov 12, 2015
I have a problem with my driver side window, not that it won't go down but that it will take on a LIFE OF IT'S OWN and go up and down all by itself! Now the really annoying thing is that it only does this in cold and/or wet weather, I will literally have no problem from say March to November, but then as soon as the temp drops below say 6 degrees and it's a bit damp, off it goes (bit unsettling when you're bombing down the motorway).

Could this be the same problem with the switch? Some moisture getting in there and messing things up? It's been to the dealer, who put in a new regulator who then wanted £200 to strip down the whole door. Told them where to stick it, took it to my local independent who charged me £50 to poke around, but it still does it.

Worth taking the switches out and giving them a clean as described above?

2010 MkV Ibiza
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