1. Kaiju

    Passenger window has dropped - help! - Leon mk3

    Hi I have a 2014 Leon and the front passenger window, when closing, made an awful bang within the door and the window dropped. When operating the window switch the motor can be heard working, but I believe the cables have snapped and the regulator needs replacing. SEAT dealers are closed and...
  2. Window issue again!!

    Hi fellow friends,I have a 2010 seat leon my n/s/r window doesn’t go down from the main master switch on drivers door also goes down not all the time when I start it up So far have had wiring tested new window regulator and drivers side 4 way control switch Window will work from n/s/r window...
  3. Window issue

    I have a 2010 seat leon, the nearside rear window goes down sometimes when I start the car, so far I have put a window regulator and a driver side four way switch which hasn’t had any effect. The window won’t go down from the drivers side switch, it only goes down from rear window switch. Any...
  4. iammooks

    Removing MK1 nearside rear passenger window - but nothing else.

    Hi there, Longtime lurker etc. etc. etc... A few years ago I had a garage replace my nearside rear lock, but being the cowboys they are, when they put the door back together, they didn't replace the window expansion pin. As a result, the window hasn't gone down because it's not been attached...
  5. Seat Leon cupra ccm problem / passenger door lock please help

    Hi everyone! So after a lot of time spent scratching my head searching forums I have come to the conclusion I am totally stuck! So I have recently brought a cheap seat Leon mk1 cupra the 180bhp 2000 model. As it was cheap I was aware of a few issues most are taken care of now only one left...
  6. Rob66

    Window issues - Up is Down! & Down is Up!

    Okay folks, here is an odd one for you, so bear with me. Ibiza Mark V – 5 Door. 2010 First thing was the driver’s door wouldn’t open from the outside. Now I am really careful with cars but apparently it needed a new door handle (the internals I guess). So car went in and new handle was...
  7. mrurbanite

    Ibiza Mrk 2 Window Regulator Fix. Sorted!

    Not seen these on here, but I was looking for a new window regulator as the grey clips that hold the window clips in had snapped, hence windows keep falling off the rails. I have just found these clips on ebay! I will let you guys know if all goes well when I fit them in Saturday. I've just...
  8. DanLewis1991

    window tints 60%?

    just booked my car in for the windows to be tinted on friday, ive asked for 60% on the back three, and 30% on the front two, has anyone done this? pics of a luna grey/silver would be awesome, cheers, dan
  9. jms_cupra

    Electric window issue

    Drivers side window seems to be having a mind of its own. First click doesnt seem to want to work and some times if the window is already part down it will go up instead. :confused:
  10. Electric window replaced but doesnt go all the way down?

    Hey, as in the post title, had my window motor/regulator changed last year but it doesnt go all the way down as on the passenger side, it leaves a sort of half moon of glass. I had it done ages ago but it has a year warranty on the work the garage did so if i take it back before the year is...
  11. VAG Diesels Rul

    front passenger window switch replacement

    I need to replace the front passengers side window switch.I have looked on a few websites and even fleabay but I can't find one anywhere.Anyone know any sites that sell one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Timm

    rear drivers side window

    Hi i've got a rattle coming from the drivers side rear window, as if there something loose. i've looked and can see that its loose where the black trim is (near the door) but on the other side the window isn't loose atall. any ideas how to solve it or take the black trim off as it's...
  13. Don Eason

    Passenger window switch.

    Heyya fella's.. My bro somehow managed to push in the middle part of the window switch in on the front passenger side (the part that lights up) now the switch has a hole in it and i think the bit landed into the mechanism as the switch opens the window, but cant be pushed down to close it...
  14. WeeG

    Sheared window motor bolt

    Went to my mates today guys, who's bro is a vag mechanic, as i was going on the 20 mile run i noticed my left window wiper on the leon was squeeling a bit and looked to be struggling to operate?? It had been icy in the morning as i had washed the car on fri night and left it to sit. Spoke to my...
  15. TDi_B5

    Stiff window winder/mecanism

    My drivers side window goes down smoothly, but three quarters of the way up it becomes solid and is near impossible to close. It requires so much force that I'm scared the winder or the internal mecanism will break. I popped the door panels off to have a look and couldn't see anything a miss...
  16. Rear window de-mister problem?

    Hi, Have just had my 20,000 mile service on my Leon FR. I have noticed during this cold snap that one de-mister strip on the rear windscreen is not de-misting. I asked the service people in the Stealers to have a look at it, and lo and behold, they are not going to fix it under the...
  17. marv_n69

    Window Tints

    Are window tints legal or illegal? I think i was told they have to let so much light through but is this still the case? I dont wanna get them done for the coppers to pull me and have me take them off there and then!!
  18. twin2189

    fronts passenger electric window

    today i opened up my door to try and find out why my windows wasnt going down all the way i was thinking that it was catching on something but when i opened it it looked like some one had bodged it together and it all fell apart so my passenger windows is not working anymore, all of the cables...
  19. Window Tints - Cupra R

    Hi, I'm planning to take my window tints out of my Cupra R as, the two rear door tints are peeling off and also at night when I'm reversing I can't see a thing out of the boot window! The tints on the main door windows are just sheet tints and will peel straight off. I'm having trouble...
  20. Rear window heater two bars broken.

    So, Rear window heater, two pf the bars don't heat and demist the window. Any way to sort it? Or do I just put up? I know with simple electric circuits that broken you can draw a pencil line over the break and that sorts it, any chance there's a similar cheapo method to sort this? Or is...
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