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  1. Glue behind A/C temperature Screen has gone

    Hi everyone, the glue behind where the A/C temperature has gone on my Cupra so that it looks like the glass has cracked. does anyone have a fix? thank you!
  2. mrurbanite

    Ibiza Mrk 2 Window Regulator Fix. Sorted!

    Not seen these on here, but I was looking for a new window regulator as the grey clips that hold the window clips in had snapped, hence windows keep falling off the rails. I have just found these clips on ebay! I will let you guys know if all goes well when I fit them in Saturday. I've just...
  3. Cupra TDI 150

    Moving Rear Washer Fix - How to Guide

    As I promised I am finally getting round to doing a " How to guide " to fix the rear washer problem, this should sort the following problems: Moving washer jet when wiper is on Short length of jet Leaking screen wash from behind boot trim (could be hose popped off though) Please bare...
  4. m.r.davies

    rear washer leaking - how to fix?

    Hi all I've taken the boot trim off, and turned the back washer on and the water is peeing out of the red section highlighted here: is there a fix for this, or do i need to buy a new car? Thanks Mark
  5. Creaking clutch pedal how do i fix it ??

    i have a 2.0 8v gti and when lifting the clutch pedal up it creaks and is slightly sticky any ideas how to fix it , its doing ma nut in :wtf: cheers
  6. MrBen2k7

    How to fix these error codes....

    Hi guys, Just took my car to a mates garage who put it on his SMARTBOX scanner diagnostics things. The car has no power, no turbo spool up and is just not happy. No dash lights or anything. Came back with 2 fault codes; P1556 - Turbo/super charge boost sensor (A) ciruit: control limit...
  7. nc30rider

    Guide: How to fix the common leaking rear washer pipe in the Boot/Passenger footwell

    I had to fix it myself so I decided to write a small guide on how to fix the common washer jet leak in the boot/passenger rear footwell. Appologies for the quality of the pictures, I used my phone to take them. 1. Remove the rear Parcel shelf 2. Undo the 2 screws shown in the picture and...
  8. Cluster been done by Stealer in 2007, whould they fix it under warranty now?

    Hello. Does anybody know how long the warranty for instrument cluster is? Ive got a receipt saying that it been changed by dealer in 20.09.2007. Any chance??? :p
  9. nc30rider

    What needs to be removed to fix the rear screen wash leak?

    As the title asks, the usual leak I was in my boot this affo and noticed the carpet is damp on the O/S near the rear seat. The rear seat squab is also a little wet where it meets the boot carpet. No puddles etc. just damp. It smells of the strong screen wash that I use in the car. I did use the...
  10. McCann87

    £170 For Service, M.O.T, Fix My Washers & Clearing Airbag Light

    Not too shabby if i dont say so myself! :funk::D Think i will get the Oil Temp & Turbo Boost Gauges fitted this month with the spare cash i have :)
  11. fourtwofive

    squeaky boot fix

    hi everyone i have had a squeaky boot lid for ages it took me a while to find out what was clashing. insulation tape job done. just wrap tape around the catch till the boot still shuts but only just. hope this helps anyone else. also just de-wipered the back at the same time. as i took the...
  12. greganderson

    Oil Tempratue AND ticking noise? ----engine swap question

    Hi all, I recently bought a 1.4 mk1 leon, its done 93k miles which i now is quite steep but i got it for a bargain, i new there were engine problems when i bought it, but after just 3 days they're already bugging me, i bought it off my uncle who says he's going to swap the engine out...
  13. Cal91

    How to remove the glove box to fix a hinge?

    My sister just snapped the right side hinge on my glove box and it's dropped on one side. Wondering how I can fix this? I believe I will have to remove the glove box but not sure how. Any help?
  14. Popping boost pipe joints - a cheap fix....

    OK, as many will know, the inlet/boost pipe fittings used on the VAG TDIs are prone to popping apart. If the two small retaining lugs on the end of the pipe get worn or damaged, it's often a downhill slope - once it's happened, it's quite likely to happen again. Each time the joint comes apart...
  15. electric windows going down by themselves! NEED FIX

    :confused:This may sound crazy but the windows in the front, both passanger and driver, go down by themselves when the car is off and not being used. Sometimes the car will sit overnight or for a day or two - the windows will have been up - and when I go to use it they are down:help:. I have the...
  16. Engine block corner gone - only two bolts left - options!

    Rev-linked engine bay WHINING, goes away on the throttle, comes back off the throttle Hi, I have a 2002 Seat Leon with 120k on the clock. Things generally fine until last night when I do a bit of reversing, then switch back to forward gears. Since then there is a high-pitched WHINE which...
  17. ZBOYD

    Forge Motorsport PCV Fix and Washer Bottle

    Yesterday in an early evening fitting session which included my ITG intake we also fitted Forge Motorsport's PCV fix, catch can kit which also includes a tidy window wash reservoir filler bottle. :) Now I did until yesterday have a BSH kit fitted that I kind of jumped on the group buy...
  18. 6th.replicant

    Leaking door seals - was it a recall/warranty fix?

    Accepting that the leaking door seals issue is an already much-discussed 'old chestnut', however, was this problem ever a recall/warranty issue? In other words, is SEAT UK obliged to bear the costs (ie parts & labour) to remedy what is clearly a design-fault if my car is showing signs that...
  19. fix for pedal box

    I managed to repair my pedal box, without major hassel. Line it up and drill a hole through the bracket and the bulkhead. Use a big washer and some silicone to stop it ripping a hole in your bulkhead and stop any water ingress. Been fine so far.
  20. Coil/spring snapped: upgrade excuse or hefty job to fix?

    Well, i was just setting off at a delicate 10mph(to warm the car up properly) and i hear an almighty twang. stopped instantly to check it out as i thought i had rolled over a metal rod or something had whacked the car on the underside. no clues lying around so i carried on gingerly and heard...
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