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Guide to LCR 210/225 differences


Cheers fella just read the 1st time buyer thread on here may take that with me if i decide to look at it.


Yea sometime sharder to haggle if car is at a little dealer or isit not.


Yea i rang them up just aminute ago and they said its had 2 former keeprs showing on logbook is full serviced by seat bar the past service hasnt had a cambelt chnage but they said they would do it and pay half of the price the inside is mint outside has small mark on front bumper a 3 inch scratch on the back door and few marks on alloys said its a realy nice motor so half tempted to go have a look.


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Aug 15, 2010
Doesn't sound too bad mate, if they are going to pay half the price, I would see if they will agree for a Seat dealer to do it, then you get the two year fitted part warranty. :)

Sounds like it's worth a look, all depends on price.

Just make sure you do your homework on what to look for. ;)


They said they have a garage at the dealership said everyone who has rang aboput it has asked bout the camblet they said its a £200 job from them and they would only want £100 to do it aswell as there do waterpump aux belt and put a full cambelt kit on it. price of the car with 70k in £5689


yea so might be goin down tomorrow to have a gander and testdrive it. only prob is its a good hour and a half away.


Aug 17, 2008
Really interesting read!

So does every cupra R come with folding mirrors?

I only ask as the only options someone said were recaros and sat nav


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Dec 29, 2016
sort of.

both the 225 and 210 are cupra R's.

210s were early cupra Rs, then later they had an update, and 225bhp.
this thread is to try and show the differences between the 210 and 225 models.
Whats the differences between the cupra-r and the cupra??? i know theres a leon that came with 180bhp but that has the ko3 setup doesnt it, wasnt sure if that is the cupra aswell?


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Jun 28, 2016

Read forum for quiet some time but not posted for a while, I have a question about the EGT, are these the same on both the 210 and 225? I have looked and can not find any definitive answer to this. The reason I ask is that I have a 225 and locally there is a 210 being broken for parts so rather than pay for the part and it not fit/work correctly I thought it best I ask the people with the knowledge.

Any help greatly appreciated

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