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ibiza rear brakes


Active Member
Jun 2, 2007
i just fitted my new brake pads calipars and disks but the wheels seems very hard to move round have i done something wrong or will it correct its self when i put brake fluid in and start the engine


There's no F in Quality..
you may have overtightened the rear wheel bearing... or the pads might just be 'tight' against the disc.

Try starting the engine etc and pressing the brake pedal a few times, if this doesn't cure it, then it's probably an over tight wheel bearing.


Active Member
Aug 7, 2008

If i was you i would check the calipar piston is screwed back far enough use a pair of circlip pliers turn clockwize, also make sure that your sliders are not seized:)


[email protected] my typo'd user name
Jul 8, 2009
carlisle, the frozen north
if you don't have any circlip pliers to hand, i found that long nose pliers also work with a little care (my old audi 80, R.I.P)
oh (and my old Laguna, now R.I.P also :(, but its french so no great loss)
however yes long nose pliers can work too, saves expensive tool purchases
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