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Out Of Sync Mirrors

Jan 14, 2019
Had the car for a couple weeks 05 model turned the wing mirror knob to close windows in as i haven't realised about it before, one closed other stayed open, now im trapped if i turn the knob one closes and the other opens.
I look in manual but i cant find a fuse marked air witch is for mirrors, anyone know how to fix?


I only wanted a remap
Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
Not sure if it's the same as the Leon. But when my mirrors have got stuck before, I've moved the offending mirror manually. In winter I try to leave them open as much as possible. Every 6-8 weeks fold them and stick a wd40 straw inside and spray lithium grease on the mechanism to keep the water out / freezing.
Oct 7, 2008
Did you manage to fix this? Mine has one folded and one out. When I turn the switch the swap over so they are the other way round.

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