Performance 360 - Lisburn


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Aug 24, 2011
Northern Ireland, Belfast
Went to Performance 360 today to get a REVO map on my Ibiza. Steven couldn't of been more helpful either. The difference is great, car pulls really hard :)

And theres a 30% Off offer on Revo's with Performance 360 till 30th April :D

Highly recommended!

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Am tempted, really good offer. Just am fearful of voiding engine warranty and an issue subsequently arising.
Aug 31, 2010
Lurgan, Northern Ireland
I didn't book it at Dubshed, just via PM on Facebook. Was planning on going straight to Stage 2 in a few months when I have all the hardware..but then I found out its only £60 to upgrade from Stage 1 to 2, so might as well get the remap now and upgrade whenever I'm out cheaper! :)


I got my 1.8T Toledo mapped by them as well, coupled with silicone tip, panel filter, stainless back box I am now up to around 220 bhp so happy days on that front!


Cant recommend Stephen and Harry enough, have known Stephen for years and know just how fussy he is.

I had them service my car and put a new timing belt kit on it when i got it and the work is top notch
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