Quick guide to fit mk3 Cupra Steering Wheel to mk2

This is just a quick guide to assist in the fitting of the mk3 Cupra Wheel to a Ibiza/Cordoba.

I didnt take many pics whilst fitting but can advise you of the main key points to ensure it doesnt end up costing you more than you anticipated.

1. disconnect battery and leave for about 20 mins to ensure power is fully drained.

2. OEM mk2 16v wheel has the airbag bolted on using allen bolts behind the wheel itself,
unbolt the 2 allen bolts and the airbag should just come away- disconnect from the wheel and remove.

3. remove the plastic cover around the bottom of the steering column to disconnect the airbag coil/slipring from the main loom.

4. ensure your steering is straight and unbolt the main nut 24mm? IIRC

5. most likely the mk3 steering wheel will already have the airbag removed ( if it hasnt do a search in the Ibiza section on guide to remove airbag! )

6. one of the main things that can cause a wheel replacement to go t*ts is the slipring or the little thing that spins on the back! if you are removing the wheel yourself from the mk3 then do not rotate the ring at the back as this will cause it to snap if not in the correct place when re -fitted.

if your not sure whether the ring has been moved or not, nice simple way to check.
the ring should be right at the bottom of the wheel, if your not sure if its been moved try this,
i checked mine was correct by gently rotating it all the way to one side, then to the other and counting the revolutions- which was 5.5 so i halved that which left me with 2 3/4, so from one side i wound it 2 and 3/4 and it ended up in the middle at the bottom of the wheel!

7. remember to fit the new wheel in the same position as you removed the old one, place steering onto spline, ensure the little tab can move freely in the bottom bit of the wheel, connect the horn wires and airbag wires. refit airbag, this should just clip back in.

8. WARNING: to be on the safe side, when turning the ignition for the first time, DO NOT sit in front drivers seat for your own safety- just in case! i just did it through the window.!
refit all covers and hey presto you have a nice new Modern wheel!


PS: from my understanding this does not effect airbag performance there was someone on here who upgraded there wheels and airbag proved to be working after an accident.

i know its a bit of a rushed guide and not effective without pics but this should be all you need.

If i have missed anything or feel you can contribute to this, let me know!

some before/after pics



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Nov 2, 2009
Thanks naz,
Going to have a look in the local scrapper tomoro and see whats available.


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Jun 19, 2001
stuck now and gets my vote as the best mk2 mod ever to be honest, cupra wheel makes it so much nicer to drive


Dec 13, 2004
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to avoid confusion - the following is relevant to a Mk1 Leon wheel (which looks the same as a Mk3 Cupra wheel).

Here's the back of the airbag of my Leon wheel. The centre connection is the same as the Mk2 bag - but the other end is different. See the lead..........

Here's the Mk2 connector - the lead is a strap...

I'd switch the airbag end connectors and bodge the horn connection - except I have a feeling the airbag end connector isn't removable..... anyone?


(Mk2 below)

So can someone tell me if the Mk3 airbag lead is different to the Leon one?


Oct 27, 2007
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Hmm maybe you can buy the female Leon connector to fit onto the ibiza loom so you can plug it in? Dealer should be able to sell connector blocks and the pins to go in them.


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Nov 28, 2011
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it looks prity sweet that dude but it dont look any smaller which is what im after dose any1 no of a smaller OME wheel that i can get for mine cuase i think it feels a bit bus-ish for sush a small car
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it looks prity sweet that dude but it dont look any smaller which is what im after dose any1 no of a smaller OME wheel that i can get for mine cuase i think it feels a bit bus-ish for sush a small car

Posisbly a lupo(3L) or Polo gti wheel?? not sure if they are actually any smaller though or if the splines are the same?
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