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SatNav - Traffic Condition Accuracy


Active Member
Dec 28, 2010

There have been a couple of instances lately when travelling on the M25, the SatNav has attempted to reroute due to the road being closed.
However, I'm travelling anticlockwise on the M25 but its the clockwise carriageway that has been closed - no need to reroute.
Is this normal SatNav behaviour i.e. is it smart enough to cater for the road being closed in one direction only or (even worse) has it got the carriageways mixed up?


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Staff member
You would think so. I guess the data supplier got it wrong. On my old M25 journeys you would see the red marked up issues by which side it was on. Supplied data issue. There are quite a few complaints that you read of the unit sending people off but it's a TMC data supply issue. You can fiddle with when you want it to do things - I keep it on default. In the sticks it also gives you route changes in market towns which is rather clever and they are real. People say the frequency of the radio updates aren't as good as they could be.
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