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snapped coil spring


Active Member
Jan 10, 2009
Ok, long story short, I have a snapped off side front coil spring on my Ibiza mkIII 1.6 sport. Does anyone know where I can get a new one, how I find out what type I need (what with variants etc) and approximately how much one will cost me?

Many thanks yet again (my car seems to be falling apart lol)

May 16, 2008
try euro car parts mate a standard spring will cost around 30-40 quid from memory and all you need is a front coil spring mate .. just give them you reg when you go in or phone up , but its not advised to just change one spring might be better changing both front...


OEM with a 'Twist'
May 5, 2005
Have a full cupra setup sat in my attic that you could have for the price of just a front spring.

Coverd only 35k.
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